I honestly don't know much more about -Cp than the rest of the board knows. He is Darin's brother, not sure if older or younger. He was a moderator on my old board and I've seen him posting with us for many years now. As with past winners, -Cp is another member that posts in just about every area of the board at some point in time. So lets get introduced to -Cp together and see if we can get to know him a little better.

-Cp, I've mentioned several times that you were Darin's brother. Who is the elder of the 2?

I am, by 2 years.

Whereabout are you living these days, and have you moved around as much as Darin has over the years?

Live near Seattle and no I have no moved around as much.

Are you married? Children?

Married over 19yrs and have 5 kids.

And what do you do for a living?

I ask myself that same thing, daily.

What are your thoughts on the federal governments job thus far regarding the oil spill off of Louisiana? Do you feel that the administration, and in particular Obama himself, should be held responsible like many hold GWB and his administration accountable for Katrina?

I think it's a shame that the current administration hasn't done anything at all to help out those people and wildlife affected. The only solution I've heard Obama bring up so far is to raise taxes on Oil companies.

Congress is trying to speed up a vote on "don't ask, don't tell", but the military would prefer more time to analyze the impact of the vote. What are your thoughts on how they are proceeding, and what is your stance on this policy?

I've never been in the military so perhaps my perspective is different. I think any American should be allowed to serve if they want to.

With that said, if they want to go an announce to their platoon that they "swing for the wrong team" - then say HELLO to "blanket parties" - just sayin'.

As you know, a community hot topic for many, many years now is discussion about the Muslim faith. What are your first thoughts?

I appreciate any and all good people, even if they have a "Muslim faith". It was Muslim's, not Christians who were the first people to help my father out last year after he went thru open-heart surgery. There wasn't a damned "Christian" to be found.

Additionally, some are angry that a mosque is going to be allowed to be built near ground zero in NYC. Again, thoughts?

As Americans, they're free to build wherever the City of NYC allows them to build. I'm not 100% convinced Muslims had anything to do with 9/11 anyways - last I checked, it was "reported" it was Jihadist's.

Global warming, does it exist?

Sure it does and so does global cooling - the planet does an amazing job of continually correcting itself.

Did you mean, do I believe Mankind can impact the global temp? No, I don't.

I'm almost afraid to ask this, because I know you're not shy with critique! What changes do you see that would make this a better community? Have you seen add-ons or things within other websites that you would like to see implemented here, or do you like it better left as is?

I think you've often mistook my critique as something personal and it was never meant to be that way.

I think it'd be nice if there were more folks in the mix - not that I dislike anyone here per se but(I'm sure you'd agree), some new "faces" would be cool. In regards to features etc? Hmm. Nothing that comes to the top or the bottom of my head. Carry on.