It is an interview with ConHog, but with a twist! I decided to spice it up a bit and have 2 members who have no love lost for one another participate to see how it turns out. To be fair, we can interview ConHog again before long so that we can all have an opportunity to learn more about him. But I thought this would be good for a laugh or 2 at least! And remember, it's meant to be in good fun. We'll let Sir Evil question OCA in return, maybe next week! Ok, here's OCA doing his best Walter Cronkite... (remember, OCA's questions are in bold and ConHog's responses follow

Why do you feel we should not care about granting special rights to citizens based upon what has been proven to be a filthy and detrimental lifestyle choice?

I don't believe that most gays want special rights. I do believe that most would be happy if the government just got out of marriage altogether. I also believe that most who oppose homosexuality would also be okay with this, realizing that not only is it despicable to tell consenting adults what they may do with each other, it's pointless. I've said it before, I'll say it again. This country has problems, REAL problems , to worry about and gay marriage isn't one of them.

I also disagree with you characterizing it as a filthy, and detrimental lifestyle. It's a sin, nothing more, nothing less. And it simply isn't my place to judge. I don't want to be gay, so I'm not, that's all I can control. That's all I want to control.

Do you drink moonshine while coon hunting?

I had my first, and last, experience with moonshine when I was 14 years old. It's vile stuff. And contrary to your misconception, not everyone in Arkansas hunts, and seeings as how I carried a weapon for a living for 20 plus years , I especially had no desire to carry one in my free time.

Why do you support Repubs who campaign as cons but govern as libs?

What makes you believe that I support Repubs at all? Can you point to a single post of mine that indicates this ? I in fact think that almost all politicians suck.

Do you have your rusted cars in the driveway in front of the trailer on blocks or on the ground?

No I don't , another misconception. Oh sure, there ARE some people around here who have such things. I mean after all stereotypes are mostly all BASED on facts, but that doesn't mean that the stereotype fits everyone.

Why do you and your crew avoid OCA's very pertinent links proving that Repubs through the years are as guilty if not more guilty of doing the things that you rail against Obama for?

First of all, who is "my crew" I've been here about two weeks, and certainly there are posters with whom I more closely identify with then I do with others, but if I'm part of a "crew" no one has told me. Did my invitation get lost in the mail?

But to answer your question in general terms. Here is why. Obama promised to be different when he campaigned, turns out he isn't different. If he were a company selling a product to people, the government would fine his ass off for false advertising. THAT is why people are so disgusted with him.

Do you ever wash your old piece of shit jacked up bronco with the name 'hillbilly cadillac?"

What exactly is wrong with having a lift kit on your truck? My truck is an F250 Super Duty though.

Why in one sentence do you say "I don't really care about rep" but then turn around and try vainly to bash one with it?

I merely noted that someone who has posted here for a period of years would seemingly have a positive rep .

Do you wear camo when you go grocery shopping at Wal-Mart? Can you link us to your pic on "people of Wal-Mart?"

I actually do NOT own a single piece of camo wear that wasn't issued to me by the United States government.

How do you excuse in bizarro Conhog world the ass whippin' Obama laid on Juan McCain in 2008?

First, I would argue that there was no ass whipping, second I would attribute Obama's victory to white guilt.

How many copies of "Who's Nailin Palin" do you own and aren't they now stickier than Fred Biletnikoff's hands used to be when he was catching passes for the Raiders?

I am no fan of Palin's , as anyone who posted with me on another board can attest.