I'm having trouble writing this portion here at the top right now as I'm still laughing at JT's responses! LOL ConHog is our guest interviewer this time and passed along 10 questions to JT. Both members are fairly new to our community and I think both have been good additions that bring a spark to the board. Thanks to both of them for participating in this round of interviews!!

What is the highest level of education you have received

Formalized 'education'? I received my GED and will be attending college to train for a trade. The majority of my knowledge has been attained outside the formalized public indoctrination system.

You come across as a pretty smart guy, but you seem to take a perverse pleasure in using that knowledge for evil purposes. Why?

Firstly, thanks for the compliment. I take pride always trying to make myself less ignorant in all matters. I'm a firm believer in never letting schooling get in the way of a good education and have long found pleasure and gratification in the accumulation of knowledge.

As for your comment, I'm not sure what you mean. Perhaps you could provide some examples of me 'using that knowledge for evil purposes' so I can better understand what it is you refer to.

Why do you hate Christians so much?

I don't hate Christians. I hate Christianity and those who seek to subject people to it and impose it upon humanity for the same reason I hate Communism, Islam, and all other forms of religion. It's worth clarifying for those not familiar with our past discussions that 'religion' is defined for these purpose as 'faith and dogma'. The book The God that Failed has a chapter contributed by Aurthur Koestler that describes communism as a religion based on a very similar approach to understanding just what it means for a belief system to be a religion- for dogma and faith to overrule reason. I highly suggest this book, or at the very least this chapter, for a fine examination of communism and also for the way it ties into this examination of what it means for a dogmatic system of beliefs and/or faith to become a religion, thereby making honest examination of the facts and of one's beliefs all but impossible. You might have noticed that this approach is a recurring theme in my examination of strongly held ideological, as well as theological, positions and the inability of many to view critically their most dearly-held beliefs.

To adopt a term I recently encountered, I could be called an antipistevist, meaning one who opposes 'faith', as well as an antidogmatist. Faith is intellectual cowardice and a means of control. Faith (as the term is used by the religious to describe their belief in deity without basing the conclusion on scientific evidence as well as how the term can be applied to the deep adherence to dogmatic ideals or other beliefs to the exclusion of critical and skeptical examination of the foundation of that belief and whether or not the belief is a warranted conclusion based upon the available evidence) rejects reason and retards scientific, social, and personal progress and development. In so doing, it serves to preserve the control religious elites wield over the masses and to stifle dissent and opposing views and systems. The book The Science of Liberty is recommended for its examination of how religion and dogma have adversely effected Mankind's social and technological development and led to the suppression and oppression of history's numerous and varied heretics.

What do you think about the poster known as OCA?

I have not had sufficient dealings with this poster to have an opinion. I am having difficulty recalling any specific posts or positions attributable to the poster.

If you could make the ultimate decision on any single aspect of the US government what would it be, and why?

That's a toughie. There are a number of very serious and pressing issues facing the republic. I suppose the first and most far-reaching, if I had to make a choice, would be dramatically shift our foreign policy. Cease the unconstitutional aggressions in Libya, halt the drone attacks in Yemen, and remove our forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. End our support of the Zionist occupation of Palestine and make clear that while we morally support a peaceful resolution to the conflict and a two-state solution with the borders based upon the original legal possession of lands and population demographics prior to the UN's intervention and theft of Palestinian territory to give the Zionists a grossly disproportionate amount of the most fertile lands, we will no longer provide material or financial support to the Zionist government or otherwise be actively involved in the matter. Bring our troops home from Cold War-era bases that are no longer strategically important in light of our current threats and concerns and focus our efforts on confronting modern threats such as a potentially hostile Iran and North Korea and securing our own borders. No more meddling in the world's affairs and supporting the Zionist regime- it achieves nothing but placing a target upon us and we can no longer afford to continue such behaviors. Let us focus on securing our own borders and getting our own house in order.

What is your favorite movie of all time?

I don't know. However, I highly recommend Metropolis (the 2010 restoration) if you've not yet seen it.

Is there anyone you DO like?


Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman?

I suppose it would depend on the writer

Are you a college football fan, and if so who do you root for?

I am not. While I can enjoy a good football game, I do not follow teams.

Is it true that you are Satan?

You mean 'the opposer', who refuses to obey an evil tyrant? Do you mean the serpent, who was punished for giving knowledge and truth after YHWH lied to Adamu? Do you mean a literal, a figurative, or a metaphorical entity? There have been and are many concepts of 'satan/Satan'- including the distinction between a satan and the Satan (similar to the distinction between an antCihrist and the antiChrist) throughout history, some of which have been viewed as a god-like entity and others of which were widely viewed more along the lines of a literary device.

I suppose I'll answer in the form of a few lines borrowed from Deathstars, from the song Synthetic Generation:I am all that you see
I am all that you want me to be

I am God and so the Antichrist
I am all of nothing