Ok, this time we have 2 ladies going at it! Abbey was kind enough to write up some questions for Gabby.

Sometimes I think you aren’t really as liberal as you'd like us to believe. Which of these labels fit you best: Liberal, Moderate, or Independent? Why is that?

I feel I am a moderate. I used to be a hard core liberal. I did protest marches and various other liberal activities. But getting married, adopting a child and becoming a school counselor have all gravitated me more toward the center. These are tough times to be moderate, though. The current political climate tries to push everyone to one side or the other.

People here at DP can really give you a hard time, and you seem to find so many to be wrong about almost everything, yet you have been here quite a long time now. I admire your resiliency. What keeps you coming back?

I classify it as "having an opinion." If you believe in Point A, and I believe in Point B, and both of us feel strong about it, then we are not going to agree. You are going to hold that I am wrong and I am going to hold you are wrong. Political discussion is very divisive. If 90 percent of DP is conservative, then 90 percent of DP is going to disagree with me.
Why do I keep coming back? Because I like the discussions. Sometimes I get really pissed off about things and have to step away for a while. My grandfather told me "there is no use burning a bridge when you can just as easily take a detour." I come from a sarcastic family and have a lot of joking, sarcastic friends. Insults don't bother me, unless they target my family instead of me. Otherwise, my dad put it best -- "Everything said to you should be water off a duck's back."

Who do you have a secret crush on here at DP?

I don't. Sorry to disappoint anyone.

I share some of what I post here with my family. Do your husband and daughter read your posts here? If so, are they happy with your participation, or does your hubby want to beat up anyone?

The only person in my family who has ever read DP is my sister. And then only occasionally. My husband is so mild mannered that he wouldn't care who said what. My daughter used to read other message boards I was on, but I don't allow her to read DP. My dad read DP once. He thought it was a "right-wing garbage can."

I was impressed with how you broke party lines and criticized Psycho for his, uh, craziness. Do you think message boards need more people who can do that, or is a more partisan board a smart idea?

I have criticized Psycho and Virgil for being loons. I have agreed with some of the more hardcore conservative posters on occasion. I judge each thread and each post by its merits. If I agree with what you are saying, I will say so. I can slam you in one post and agree with you in another. I won't disagree with you just because of who you are or what you normally stand for.

Is your husband really Republican? If so, do you talk politics in bed? Does that make for angry sex?

My husband is a true Orange County Republican. My in-laws would likely vote against Jesus if He came back as a Democrat. But my husband has gravitated toward the center just as I have.
We never talk politics at any time. I think the last time we discussed politics was in 2008. My husband had a lot of trouble voting for Obama, but he really disliked McCain. So it was a protest vote more than anything. Politics, or any kind of disagreement or anger, never enters our bedroom.

I think it is fascinating to know others’ cultural preferences. What is your all-time favorite movie? Book? TV show? Cuisine? Band/singer?

I think Blazing Saddles is the greatest movie of all time. I have seen it maybe 50 times and still laugh every time. It is crude, rude, and very socially inappropriate. Books I don't know. I have read so much that it is tough to have a favorite. I love barbeque, particularly from Texas. I am a hard core fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. His music speaks to me and he is the greatest live performer of the rock era.

What was your favorite college class?

I loved math. I was going to be a math major until I detoured in psychology. Numbers and equations have always fascinated me. Yes, I am a nerd.

Do you think Obama has been a good President? If so, in what way(s)? Without even knowing who the Republican nominee will be, do you know if you will you vote for Obama again?

I am honestly undecided about this. Despite being criticized as an "Obama girl" on DP, I have a lot of positive and negative opinions. I am really upset that Obama broke his campaign promise to end the Middle East war. I don't like that he backs down on economic matters. But he has some great views on education and gun control. I was very fortunate to be able to take part in a White House summit (sans Obama) on education earlier this year. It's unfortunate that every issue has to fought on partisan party grounds.

I am willing to be open minded on the 2012 election, but I haven't come across any GOP candidate that I would support. Romney has the best chance to possibly win me over. But he has been in the background a lot lately. I would never support anyone from the far right. They speak to a fringe group and not to Americans as a whole.

What do you think are the best and the worst influences in American culture today?

Worst influences are definitely the over glorification of sex and violence in the media. Everywhere you look, you see declining moral values emphasizing sex. Especially in media aimed at young children. Whose idea was it to market high heels, lace bras and thongs for elementary school age girls? Why are we selling video games featuring massive slaughter to young boys?
I do like that positive role models for young girls are being introduced. Mock Justin Bieber all you want, but his appeal is really innocent and wholesome. I like that boys are being taught respect for girls at a young age, and that girls are being taught that violence and sexual abuse is not an accepted part of a relationship.