Jess hasn't been with us at DP for too awfully long, but long enough to know we like her! She's made a great addition as she seems to get along with just about everyone. She's respectful, thoughtful & funny. She's got to be tough, as she lives with a Marine. She responsible for giving us about half of the boards smileys! She fits in with the great ladies that we already have here, and gives us yet another mother figure to keep us guys in line! She's got the experience as she's a Mom of 3.

I am so NOT a good writer. I feel ashamed for asking crappy questions sometimes.

Hell, I know you like coffee as much as I do, but I have no idea where you stand politically! How would you describe your affiliation, which party?

I'm not really political, as everyone has probably figured out by now, but if it had to be defined, it would probably be a conservative Independent. I don't agree with anybody 100%.

What "good" do you think Obama has done for our country?

I don't think he has done any good for this country.

Do you have a preference out of the 4 nominees for the Gop nomination? And if so, why that person?

Santorum, because he's conservative and I've (so far) been impressed with the fact that he's not slinging mud all over and focuses on keeping our individual freedoms rather than the government ruling our entire existence.

Israel and Iran. Something bad happening seems inevitable at this point. What's your thoughts on the whole situation?

Gonna have to skip this one, I think. I am not informed enough to formulate an informed opinion.

I had a tiny "side debate" in a thread recently about Osama Bin Laden getting killed. We all know that it was Obama who gave the final order to go in and get him. Do you give any credit to George W. Bush and/or his administration for efforts they made in the years prior to handing things off to the Obama administration?

As I understand it, Bush handed out a Presidential order for OBL's capture and/or kill on 09/12/01. Therefore, it seems logical to me that he get some credit. The majority of the credit would go to the military and the CIA for locating and terminating OBL. Obama just happened to be in office.

Do you think the US should have apologized to Afghanistan for accidentally burning some Quran's? And with that in mind, as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich stated, should Afghanistan be apologizing to the US for the murder of 2 soldiers as a result of the burnings? (I wrote this last night, and just read now that 2 more American Officers were killed)

In my opinion, a human life is worth more than a book. But others value "sacred" texts above human life, it seems. That makes no sense to me. If I understand correctly, some texts were mistakenly sent to a burn pit and even though our Prez apologized for it, they're still killing our men. That's BS. While it would seem that an apology is the least they could do, there are not enough apologies to equal the lives of these men.

If you can punch any one politician in the face without punishment, who would you choose?

I dunno. I'm not a violent person and would be more likely to give them a scathing "Mom" lecture.

You know my brother by now, Sir Evil. Would you like to punch him in the face too? Don't be shy, I would!

Heck no! He's a cyber-buddy and has even more music downloaded than I do. That's impressive!

Alrighty, people probably want to learn more about YOU, since we read the political crap all day anyway. What is your favorite coffee of choice? And I'm not kidding when I say I drink anywhere from 6-10 cups a day, how much do you drink?

I drink straight coffee only on occasion because Gunny bitches and moans too much when I do. I snag some of his on occasion, which is just Folger's high octane. However, I do drink Folger's cappucino mix on many workday mornings. Usually only one cup. I'm a light-weight.

We all know by now that you are Gunny's better half. How did you two meet?

We met on a political message board. Go figure, hmmm? We were casual acquaintances for quite a while and he (and one other person) pretty much saved my sanity when I was in a really bad place in my life. He's such a sweetie.

Be honest now, does Gunny ever talk about killing me? I need to know if I should back off at times or not! LOL!

Nope. He doesn't want to kill you. (I wouldn't let him anyway.)

Where did you grow up? Schooling? Where else have you lived?

I grew up on a small farm outside of Glasford, IL - population approx. 1200.

Went to a very small private Christian school from K - 12. Never went to college but am thinking about starting back into that, if I can work up the guts. Other than that, my only schooling has been the school of Hard Knocks. At which I have received an outstanding education.

I've lived in several different towns but never out of IL or even more than two hours from where I was born.

As you know, no one else can reply to the interview threads. Would you like to take an opportunity to make fun of someone, without them being able to reply? (I know I would, I have a long list of names!)

Oh, I think if I did, it would only cause controversy because I'll only really make fun of somebody that I consider a "friend". Then I would either be labeled a kiss-up or a pot-stirrer.

Do you watch a lot of TV? Any favorite shows? What about movies, see anything good recently?

I've watched more TV since Gunny got cable put in than in several years. We watch "World's Dumbest" and those types of shows but have yet to see anybody we know. Which we take as a good sign.

Ummm ... we watch a lot of Investigation Discovery shows - I've always been fascinated by forensics and the minds of killers, so we get along on that. The boys and I love "How It's Made" shows too.

Movies ... we watch a lot of movies that we already have but have watched Captain American, Green Lantern, the last Harry Potter, the last Pirates of the Carribean and Thor. I think those are the newest ones we've watched. We'll definitely be checking out the new Ghost Rider when it comes out. Most of the time, we watch kid-friendly stuff because of the boys. We're really pretty boring.

Who does the cooking, you or him? And who rules the remote?

We share the cooking, he does the dishes most of the time, picks up the living room, wrangles the minions a lot. I am compulsive about the laundry, do most of the vacuuming, wrangle Gunny, etc.

Oh, he definitely rules the remote, in standard male fashion. Which doesn't matter, since he also pays for the cable. If I don't like what he's watching, I read a book, play games on or post from my phone. Actually, before he says anything - I often fall asleep once the kids are in bed. Seems that doing the physical work like I do wears me out. I'm not D's wife, after all. She's frickin' Superwoman.

Sports? Are you a fan of any Pro teams?

Not really. Our family was not really into sports and we didn't have that much opportunity for it in the school we went to. I've gotten more into football the past few years because the gelflings are interested and one has a bit of natural athletic ability.

If there was any one thing you could change about DP, what would it be?

This is a very cool board and I've enjoyed it since I started posting. It is my firm belief that some "new blood" is a good thing and differing perspectives/opinions create discussion and dialogue from which we can all learn. Like many people and many organizations, it sometimes seems like the "ruling" class of DP is resistant to change. Encouraging growth would probably be the only thing I can really think of. And even that has started.

Well, that and all the people who disagree with me have to learn to say they're wrong ... but other than that, nothing to speak of.