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    Default Interview with "Tyr-Ziu Saxnot"

    Tyr has been here just over a year now, and it's been a pleasure having him here with us. He's tough with his stances, and doesn't mince words, and that's what I like about him. We thought it would be a good idea to get to know him a little better personally, and share it with the board via an interview. The first 10 questions were drawn up by Abbey and the last 9 lame ones were from me!!

    1. You have mentioned that your name is an amalgam of three Viking names. What do you admire about the Vikings? Do you identify with them?

    Actually my name is that of three different names for the same Viking God. Tyr being the Principle name and Ziu and Saxnot being the lesser names. Chosen because Tyr was primarily the God of justice. Later Tyr's popularity and worship was replaced with the God Thor , as strength and warrior prowess became more important in Viking culture than did the concept of justice. At first I was going to use Thor's Hammer as my nick here but decided in favor of Tyr as the concept of justice finds greater favor with me than that of pure and brutal strength. The Vikings I admire because they fought for everything they got, as nothing was given to them. They feared no man or race of men and had adventure in their souls. Vikings discovered the New World before Columbus and did interact with the Native Americans. I have both bloodlines in me. And I am proud that both were great warriors and fine physical specimens which is indeed a blessing to me and has saved my life at least twice that I can recall.

    2. What has been your favorite place to visit either within our outside the US?

    My favorite place to visit was the Philippines , primarily Cebu. Although the Boracay resort there was amazing place and we had great fun there. My wife and I plan on going back there just as soon as our son is healthy enough to go. In the USA my favorite place to go is into the deep woods to hunt preferably an area that has no other people around. I rather enjoy the solitude and can reflect upon what it must have been like a thousand years ago here. Always have known that I was born out of my time.

    3. Though we think can usually gauge someone's political views from their posts, they can often be a bit different from what we think. How would you describe your political beliefs?

    My political beliefs jive quite exceedingly well with the guidelines set forth by our Constitution. I yield any personal differences I may have with the Constitution on any issue in favor of the knowledge that the summation of it's authority and protection of ALL should reign supreme. I class myself as a far right conservative that will fight to defend this nation. A patriot that sees clearly where we are headed and knows that some heavy dues are likely to have to be paid if we are to survive. Even then its going to be a very "iffy" situation. A man can only do his part and pray for the best to come of it.

    4. Were your parents very political?

    Not very. My mother not all . My dad talked politics very indirectly. However it was his and my grandfather's ideas on justice, the law and man's fallen nature that influenced me greatly. Later as a high school student I was in Coach Steven's civics class. A decorated war Veteran and truly wonderful guy. His talks with the entire class everyday about life, real life was to have a great effect upon my early adulthood. He was the third person that I found to be truly exceptional . He was my teacher the year that my father died 1969 and I'll never forget the talk he had with me about it. The man was truly an honorable and dedicated teacher. I owe him very much. The man truly cared, had a gentle soul but had also fought in the Korean war and came away from having experienced that brutality with a renewed sense of what life is and should be about. I in my early twenties veered far away from that only to return to it 7 years later when a life changing decision had to be made. I chose to walk away from the offer and not continue done a path to destruction. All three men , my father, grandfather and Coach Stevens had made their mark on me and that mark did eventually save me. A blessing that I am not sure that I deserve. And one which I to this day strive to live up to.

    5. Were you happy in your career? If you could do it over again, what career would you choose?

    My career hasn't been exactly a single path. I've held many jobs over the decades. Happy? Well I see looking back that I clearly could have done a lot better but who knows if that "better" would have brought me to the current life I have now with my wife and son? With that in mind I do not regret my many mistakes as long as it was my uneven life that did indeed bring me to this great blessing, my wife and son..

    6. What do you like best about DP? Least?

    Best, the freedom to post my honest opinions without having to endure bans or warnings from administration here. At other forums I have been and currently do also currently post such is not the case. Jim does do a fine job of walking that fine line between freedom and the chaos which is so often the case when it has been abused. Least? As at the other forum , the members that do not post honestly their true thoughts but instead follow a biased political/religious/gay/ liberal/media induced propagandized agenda. Truth is far too often cast aside in favor of using the current spill from the sold out media.

    7. Do you have plans to move again, or are you happy to stay where you currently live?

    No current plans to move. My wife used to talk about our retiring to Cebu but has finally given up on that because she now finds life here far, far better. This culture and our freedoms won her over. Additionally she considers what kind of life our son Justin would have there in Cebu. She knows its best for him to be raised here and I agree with that entirely. A visit there to stay with her family for a month in a few years will just have to do.

    8. Besides your family and friends, whom do you admire most on the planet? On the board?

    So many to list as to the planet. I am big on history and I do tend to admire great leaders that were also great warriors/generals. Alexander the Great, Charlemagne, Cyrus the Great, Hannibal, Frederick the Great, Wellington, Washington, Lafayette, Jackson (both Andy and Stonewall), Robert E. Lee. , Chesty Puller. A few dozen more but that's enough military greats. Thinkers , I admire Socrates, Aristotle, Jefferson., Madison, Franklin, Akiba Rubenstein, Fischer, Paul Keres, Capa, Charoseuk and Morphy. Here, I'd rather not publicly say . They know who they are and my many pms with them are a blessing to me!!! I receive far more than I give and I thank all of them for enduring my rants and my weaknesses.

    9. Steak or lobster?

    I am American , so steak it is. Lobster, I eat maybe two or three times a year. I prefer well prepared Swordfish to Lobster any day. Steak I used to eat about 3/4 times a week but no more. My diet is heavy into fish and chicken. Both are far healthier than steak and health is my primary concern. I have to stay above ground at least until my son is an adult. As an adult he can and will be responsible for his own protection until then its my sworn duty.

    10. If we stopped by your house on a Saturday night, would you be home? What would you most likely do for fun outside of bed?

    Yes, most Saturday nights I am at home babysitting my son. My wife works Saturday and Sunday nights , the rest of the week she attends classes at the college here. As to fun away from the comfort of the bed, I'd say right now that is family time. Teaching my son and posting at political forums with this one being the primary site. In fact , this site is the only one in about two weeks now as I have had to cut back due to family obligations.

    11. Obama claimed his administration would be the most transparent ever. How has he done living up to that promise?

    I am no fan of obama. In fact I refuse to capitalize his name hence the small letter -o-. More has came to light about just how dark and corrupt he and his people truly are. I say with firm conviction that they ALL are traitors. Every one of them, with obama the biggest of all because his sworn duty is to defend and uphold the Constitution yet his true agenda is to destroy it. Anybody that has read his book should have figured that out about the man. The first election was a terrible and costly mistake but giving him a second term was nothing short of suicide IMHO. The man has done not a single thing to elevate or secure this nation's prosperity and greater future.He has insulted our allies and comforted/aided our enemies. Sad and tragic to say the least. Certainly criminal have been his Fast and Furious gun running episode, overstepping his authority and comforting/aiding our enemies.

    12. Who are you envisioning in 2016? Even though no one has even announced running yet, Hillary Clinton is already the front runner. Thoughts on her possibly sitting in the oval office?

    I think only choice for them is Hillary and looks like they began preparing for that a couple years ago.The media and the Feds have done their best to cover for her and the mistakes she has made. Notice how low key she has been since Benghazi attack? How the media has shifted any blame away from her? Well that's just the start of the campaign they will wage to convince most Americans that she would be a great President. They stand a greater chance of convincing me that Slick Willie was a faithful husband than ever convincing me that she'd be anything but another shill for the damn globalists just like her husband was. Truly haven't a clue who our guy will be . I do not see anybody that is conservative enough for my tastes but would vote for a damn blind monkey if it would keep out a liberal/dem. I am firmly convinced the plan was agreed for obama to have 8 years then Hillary to have 8 years. That 16 years was the time needed to completely destroy the Rule of Law, our Constitution , the Republican party and the Republic as it was birthed! Obama has more than done his share in that devious wrecking agenda. Hillary would follow the same path as both would only be doing the bidding of the Globalists.

    13. Immigration. Do we just grant amnesty to those who committed crimes? If allowed to stay, should there be a penalty? What are your thoughts on how to handle this issue going forward?

    Amnesty will eventually be given because its in the plan. The plan includes destroying the Republican party and amnesty would do that in less than a decade! Nothing imaginary about that as it is an obvious fact. No penalty will be given because the Dem party wants those new voters and currently make sure they get here and burden all our resources to the max. Best way to handle it is to elect a Republican president that will first truly seal the border and next start a campaign to round them up and ship them back regardless of the costs.(Never happen!) The costs do not matter if the Republic falls and it will if they get to stay, again part of the globalist plan. We must remember the world profits and profits greatly by our demise as a world power but our enemies desire even a far worse fate for us. One in which we are at the very least degraded down to third world status. When one truly understands the costs taking a radical and costly campaign to deport all of the illegals we can find is not to high. What is too high is losing the Republic because of believing the proper and just action is too costly. What profits a man if he gains the world but loses his soul? The cost of inaction and appeasement is too high. Yet the sold out media and Dem party promotes both .Answer why they do that and one comes to the obvious conclusion they want our Republic as it is founded to fall. And that is treason in any understanding of the word IMHO.

    14. The trial for George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin 1 1/2 years ago, has just started this morning. Your initial take on the case? Has it changed since then? How would you vote if you were a juror, based on the facts we all have thus far?

    Clearly Zimmerman was the victim of PC bullshit, eager media fools and obama bots seeking obama's approval by proving how dedicated they were at lynching a "white hispanic"! Yes sir, I called those scum a lynch mob and it is the correct judgement. They immediately decided because the dead guy was black that the -"white"- hispanic guy was guilty. Nothing new about that as blacks are far more racist than whites and have been for many decades. I haven't a clue how the verdict will come down but the facts so far indicate it was a clear case of self-defense. Zimmerman's only fault is in being dumb and not tough enough to do the task he had assigned himself! Hardly criminal acts those but the PC idiots, stupid media and obama bots do not give a damn about justice but instead want to hang a "white guy". The man hardly qualifies as white but when did dumbasses like that ever care about justice and the triumph of good over evil. Hell, they live and lounge in evil and the carnal vices like a fish in water. I have nothing but utter contempt for lowlife scum like that and wish hell to descend upon all their miserable heads. That would be a justice a decent man could understand and wish for. I am not too cowardly to say that such people make me want to vomit,.

    15. Since the uprising in Syria has started, I believe the last count I heard was between 90-100k killed. After being yelled at for years that we shouldn't be on foreign soil unless we are in imminent danger, do you still think we should get involved and "help" either side? Do you think any money/weapons given to the rebels will end up in the hands of Al Qaeda?

    We are already involved and aiding the wrong side there. It is obama's wish to aid the side that will install Sharia law and a true Islamic government there. That is because obama sides with our enemies the muslims and knows that another Islamic state there will be a part of the coming Caliphate. Obama also knows arming the rebels is arming our enemies the terrorists. He likes that they will get free weapons to use on our military in the future. There is no justification at all for us arming/aiding either side but the Russians are aiding the lesser evil. Now how strange is that?First time for them to be doing so IMHO. Strange new world isn't it when we are backing the tyrants and the terrorists and the Russians are backing a regime that is by far less of a threat to us! Welcome to the world of obama the imposter and his hidden anti-American agenda.

    16. Homophobia and Islamaphobia. Do you think there are people that have an irrational fear of either? This is of course a leading question - but do you think that these terms were "made up" in order to vilify anyone that disagrees with either ways of life? Many Muslims disagree with the way of life of Americans. Do they have Americaphobia?

    A subject near and dear to my heart. The truth is that no other religion on earth is as tyrannical and evil as is Islam. Yet nothing gets a bigger pass and more help than does Islam. Ignorance, money and fear all aid in that great tragedy IMHO. One need only do research on Islam to find it is behind violence and murder all over the globe . Facts prove Islam and its followers are evil and believe that any means justifies the end result. That end result sought by all muslims is total dominance by Islam over ever human on earth! With the convictions that should it cause the deaths of billions it is worth it. Allah must be the final solution in their little fanatical and evil world. Yet some of us understand them all too well and have decided that total opposition is the path to take. As to the gay issue what can I say except it is a perversion and should never be given status as a civil right. Since when is a sexual perversion and lewd act a civil right? Those seeking to make it be viewed as a a normal part of life are themselves fools, asshats, liars and/or perverts. I could ignore it for the most part if the dumbasses kept it to themselves but no, they want it to be shoved in our faces and to overtake our way of life! This man says f-that and f-them. Nobody gets to tell me that its normal to engage in activity that the world has known to be abnormal since the start of man's recorded history. I do not play that any more than I do any other bullshit PC crap. Either we are civilized and have laws based upon our Constitution, freedoms, morality and the traditional family unit or we do not. They desire the do not part. I'll stand with the do part. To hell with them and their perversion. It is only out of respect for the ladies and underage children here that I do not put it all more bluntly..

    17. What are a few of your favorite movies of all time? Favorite TV series?

    Too many to list but will list a few. Westerns are my favorite and I am old enough to have viewed just about all the great westerns , that is tv series and movies. Ride the High Country with Randolph Scott and Joel McCrae is in my top ten list along with High Noon-Gary Cooper, Magnificent Seven the original , Gunfight at the OK Corral, etc. Next would be TV series Maverick, Bonanze, The Tall Man, Bronco Lane, Cheyenne, Laramie, Rawhide, Laws of the Plainsman, Johnny Rebel, Tombstone Territory, Wanted Dead or Alive , etc. After that such great movies as The Great Escape, The Bridge on the River Kwai , The Longest Day, Tora ,Tora, Tora, Band of Brothers,Pearl Harbor, Battle of the Bulge etc. Comedy, such greats as Barney Miller, Nightcourt, All in the Family, Steinfeld, Sandford and Son, Welcome Back Kotter-- who could ever forget Kotter-Gabe Kaplan?

    18. Am I the only one that would like to see a double decker bus run over Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga at the same time?

    No, I too think it a jolly good plan if we could get it to blast over a few dozen more. Sean Penn, Bono, Madonna, etc. And all the rappers regardless of their race. Crap is crap and rap is rap , both are sides on the same coin IMHO.

    19. If there was any one thing you could change about DP, what would it be?

    Make me King for a week, no wait that was for changing the USA not here. Really, can not think of a substantial thing to change. It is just about as free as it can get without heading into the chaos and wreck the world mode. Even now the horns have to be grabbed hold of and the bulls held in check quite often as has been demonstrated as of late IMHO.
    Thanks for asking me to share my thoughts. Special thanks to Abbey, Jim and Logroller for considering me worthy of such an honor. Granted I am a bit hard nosed and a no frills kind of guy. I do however pretty much believe in leaving people alone as long as they do not bother me or mine . I ignore a lot but some things I never ignore. I stand firm on my principles come hell or high water. Have tried to live a life that my father and grandfather would approve of. Failed a lot but always picked myself up and marched on. I hold this as a firm plan-- never never, ever ever give up. As long as you are alive there is always hope and if you are already dead, who the hell cares?
    “A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.”Bob Barker
    “Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”Dean Koontz
    "If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am" - Charles Yu

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    Well done, Tyr!
    After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box - Author unknown

    “Unfortunately, the truth is now whatever the media say it is”

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