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    To Be A Poet, Oft Strong Commands Come At Night

    Oh, gawd- comes raging middle of the night
    This horrid current, rise up and now write
    An electric jolt, firing through me bones
    Of new fortress looming, huge granite stones
    And that tingle surging from old waking soul
    As pagan's carving of a totem pole
    Words spilling out from a resistant heart
    Pen and paper screaming, hurry let's start!

    Stumbling amidst and across dim-lit room
    Word flowing from life or else dreaded doom
    Splash, splash as ink and paper newly wed
    Old verses, that a spirited mind said
    Some few flavored with Shakespearean awe
    Other's cuttings from old lumberjack's saw!

    And I, vessel to set these ravings down
    Of love, a princess in her golden gown
    Dancing slowing across a ballroom floor
    One never knows what else comes through that door!

    Robert J. Lindley, Nov. 2nd 1978
    ( When Poetry Forces A Poet To Wake Up And Write )

    Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2022
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