Been awhile since we did an interview here, and Pete has been active lately, so he got chosen! I had to look and see that Pete has been posting on and off since 2010! But of course he comes and goes. Definitely another fund guy to have around, as it ain't no fun unless we can disagree. Pete disagrees with many of us on many subjects, and yet here he is still here!

And thanks for taking the time to answer the questions, Pete! It's always nice to get a chance to know another side of our members.

1) So tell us a little more about you... Where you from? Education? How old are you?

Grew up and live entire life in a midwest state. Conservative family. Got a degree in Information Sciences (databases etc). 33 years old. Work as a web designer.

2) What are some of your hobbies? What do you do when not coming to DP?

I've played soccer my entire life. Also enjoy tennis. Training for a marathon in Oct. Not really enjoying it, but it will be a nice bucket list item to check off. I love watching sports too. NCAA tourney, World Cup and NFL playoffs are my favorites. I bought a house last year, 1922 built, that is taking a lot of my time. Lots of repairs. Nothing easy.

3) How do you feel about the left and the really only options being Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein?

I'm not thrilled with anyone. It's a house of cards. You can't get to where they are without selling your soul. It's just how it works. It's a game. Some parts of all the parties ideologies make sense. I agree with many of the Green parties stances, unfortunately Jill Stein is Bernie Sanders times 2. Meaning she just goes too far in a direction which sounds nice but is not realistic. Hillary I don't trust and don't like her.

4) Will you be voting for Hillary?

Yes, because I think compared to Trump, she's a no brainer even if I dislike Hilary. That is how poorly I think of Trump.

5) What are your thoughts on Hillary and this latest health scare of hers?

I don't like speculation because some people actually take it as truth. We'll find out over time what is wrong with her. Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's more. What is there to debate? Unless you are privy to her inner circle and doctors no one knows 100%. Same goes for Trump. In the end many presidents were sworn in with medical issues, some very serious.

6) Do you think free education for everyone is a wise choice? And feasible?

It's not free. We pay for it in taxes. Do I think it's worth it? Yes. Education is what fuels the next generation. We must hand it out like water. We already give "free" education K-12. In modern era I don't see a reason to not add on 4 more years for community college. Hell these days it's hard to point at an 18 year old and say they are an adult. I can't call anyone under 22/23 an adult with a straight face. Times change. Move with them. Restrict and make a business out of education and you'll see just what kind of generation we wend up with. Education should be the absolute priority of the country. Everything positive flows from it.

7) ISIS - what is the answer, without writing an essay of course? More hands off, or attack the shit out of them?

I'm more of the surgical swiss army knife approach. Neither hands off nor carpet bombing will result in a win. The situation is incredible complex. Those who think we can just shock and awe rolling thunder our way over ISIS doesn't understand the situation which includes sociology, politics, history, economics, international affairs, religion and yes warfare all woven into one conflict. You need to address solutions for all of those. Not just warfare. That is the easy part.

8) On a scale of 0-10, how would you rate Obama's 8 years in office?

Maybe 6 1/2. The economy pretty much recovered. Life is overall pretty good. The withdraw of troops was a bit quick, but still the right thing to do. Obamacare was a mistake and so was the Iran deal (hard to say not knowing all details though). Would Romney or McCain done a better job? You can argue the margins, but what use is that. I don't know the man, but when he speaks he sounds rational and thoughtful. The president's job is impossible at the end of the day. You will never see some perfect messiah president. The job pretty much makes that impossible.

9) I am aware you don't like Donald Trump. Out of the other 16 candidates that were on the GOP side, did any of them seem appealing to you at all? And if so, who and why?

I could have entertained the possibility of Bush, Kasich or Rubio. All three of these guys seemed rational, level headed and centralist in many ways. In the end they lacked the personality of Trump.

10) If there was in fact a dramatic health emergency with Hillary - what would you agree with more, simply putting in #2 which would be Kaine, or somehow postponing the election?

Honestly I hardly know anything about Kaine. I still think there is enough enough nevertrump for Kaine to win. Few people who would vote for Hilary would switch to Trump if she dropped out.

11) Are you afraid of spiders? Why or why not?

Only those that are big, move fast or jump. I'm more terrified of house centipedes. I have an old home. One biggie sprinted up my leg the other day and I am not ashamed to say I flipped out.

12) Some foreign places you have been to, if any?

Over 70 countries. I spent my 20s traveling the world and it's been the best decision I've ever made beside marrying my wife lol. I've been lucky enough to sail to the North Pole and down to Antarctica. I've been to Iraq and Syria while they were still visit-able. I've seen Machu Picchu twice. Been on two African safaris. Seen the Pyramids twice. Been to North Korea and seen the arirang games (largest performance in the world). The world is not a scary place. Of course it can be. Terrible things happen every day, but in general the world is safe and filled with wonderful people just trying to get by. The media would have you think otherwise. Which is why I stress for people to travel and see what it's really like instead of relying on business media to tell you.

13) What are your thoughts on radical Islam? And what about Shariah Law?

It's a problem. Only way to control it is with education and open lines of communication. Not isolation. Put rat nests out in the open where they have trouble existing instead of putting them in a dark alley where they flourish.

14) Who gets your vote as best president ever? And worst ever?

I am too young to know many nor a historian. But I would put Lincoln as the best. He was not perfect, but he had reasonable moral conviction and saw us through a very pivotal time. Worst that I can think of might be George W, but Carter was bad too. George W's Iraq mistake was very very costly. Reagan overall was ok, but he started the war on drugs, which led to much societal destruction. Lyndon Johnson also did a terrible job with Vietnam.

15) If there was any one thing you could change about DP, what would it be?

haha, the last time my opinion mattered, the community didn't do so well, wink wink, full speed ahead!