My dad has always been a huge baseball fan. My mom doesn't understand the game and my sister doesn't care for sports. So he started on my when I was younger. He patiently explained the rules and took me to a lot of games when I was growing up. Baseball and music were his gifts to me.
My dad loved the Dodgers, but he couldn't go to the 1988 World Series because he had two young children and not a lot of income. But he always watched. I can't recall how many times I have watched the Gibson home run. I got to share some of that experience at Dodger Stadium when Justin Turner hit his walk off home run.
I've always told my dad I was going to take him to the World Series one day. It's been a REALLY long wait. But finally it is here. We're going to Game 2 at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday. My husband's only request was that I not tell him how much I paid for the tickets.
Here is to hoping that everyone gets a chance to fulfill their ultimate dream one day. Who needs $200 dinners when you have baseball?