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UPDATED AM PT – Sat. May 26, 2018

The State Department issued a stern warning to the Syrian government, over a possible operation inside a de-escalation zone in the middle eastern country.

In a statement Friday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the U.S. would respond with firm measures, if the region’s ceasefire is violated.
Nauert referenced past violations of the agreement, and called on Syria’s ally, Russia, to help uphold the ceasefire in the southwestern region.
She added the U.S. remains committed to maintaining the country’s stability, as well as the integrity of that agreement.

Has anyone notified the UN there're 3-4 wars going on in the Middle East? Why are we giving this UN one thin dime?

THIS is NOT the US's job. And I'm not bagging on Trump for doing it. It's not a far stretch to see him picking up where many of his predecessors left off. I AM however bagging on the UN.

We're in the middle of maybe-talks with North Korea and we've been handling it for 70 years when the Korean War is a UN action. We've handled the Arab-Israeli Conflict since the 60s-70s in the place of the UN. We have a mutual defense agreement with Israel, Saudi Arabia and few other ME countries Which is EXACTLY what it states: mutual defense agreement. Nowhere does it say "UN's shit detail handler.

Can anyone tell me anything positive and/useful the UN has done? We've been carrying its pack and funding THEM for having to do so. Have they dome Anything about Crimea? Targeting Syrians by Assad and Russia? Turkey declaring who is and isn't a "terrorist" and killing Kurds? Palestine attacking Israel? Hezbollah attacking Israel and constantly trying to build forces on the latter's border?

On and on it goes and in not a SINGLE instance do I see where the UN has done a thing but reprimand more often than not the US and Israel.

My opinion is the UN gets 90 days to fund itself. On the 91st day ALL US funding is stopped. They can start paying rent on that prime, NYC real estate they're occupying with their fat asses too. What a waste