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    Default Hamas Agrees To Ceasefire With Israel To Halt Violence

    OAN Newsroom
    UPDATED 9:57 AM PT — Wed. May 30, 2018

    Hamas is reportedly open to a ceasefire with Israel after launching dozens of rockets and mortar rounds over the border.
    Hamas claims the decision was made after several mediators, including Egypt, stepped in to stop the recent flare of violence, which has been the worst since 2014.
    Armed Palestinian groups are taking responsibility for the barrage of launches, which left three Israeli soldiers injured on Tuesday.
    While Israel has yet to publicly comment on a ceasefire agreement, officials said they are not interested in escalating tensions further.
    The U.S. is calling on the United Nations Security Council to hold an emergency meeting about the conflict on Wednesday.

    EDIT: The header (thread title) is misleading in that it is only HALF what it should say. Lost towards the end of the article is Israel has yet to agree to anything. So it should read Hamas agrees with itself to a ceasefire (so as not to get waxed) ....

    Gee, what a novel tactic Take a final cheap-ass shot then throw down your weapons and ask for peace. Haven't seen THAT one before... since I was in Kuwait/Iraq

    Why is the US calling for the UN to have an emergency meeting of the Security Council? What has the UN ever done and why do WE even bother with it? Any ruling that spineless paper tiger makes isn't worth the paper it's written on and nobody gives a flip what it says anyway. Terrorists are criminals by definition and last I checked Israel doesn't give a damn what anyone else says.

    Why doesn't the UN tackle Hezbollah aka Iran surrogate while it's at it?
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    My quota of bullshit cop outs from closed minds is full today, Tomorrow's not looking good for you either.

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