I have no sympathy here. Don't break the law, and don't expect arms wide open by having your first act on American soil being a criminal act. You do the crime and you do the time. Nowhere in the US that I am aware of are you allowed to go to jail and bring your kids/family with you. They all know this and take their chances anyway. And then whine after the fact, as they know they will have people that will whine for them once inside.

What they should do is turn their sorry asses right around and completely deny entry. Give them all the necessary paperwork to go home and do things the legal way. If they persist, then arrest them.


Lawmakers disagree over how to solve family separation at the border

Washington (CNN)Family separations at the border have become a political football.

Lawmakers and party leaders in Congress are increasingly fighting over how best to address the issue -- blaming each other for the heart-wrenching situation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan argued Thursday that Congress should step up and resolve the problem with a legislative fix, while the top Democrat in the House, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, said the onus is on the Trump administration to simply reverse its policy that spurred the situation.

The Trump administration recently started implementing a policy of prosecuting all adults caught illegally crossing the US-Mexico border. Once the adults are referred to the criminal justice system, any children with them are taken into government custody, essentially becoming "unaccompanied minors."

Republicans are blaming a longstanding court ruling and subsequent court settlement that governs how children can be treated in detention. The settlement means that children can't be detained longer than a few days to a few weeks, depending on certain factors. Previously, the administration would thus release families together under monitoring. The Trump administration is opting in certain cases to release only the children.

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