Another dipshit heard from, and another dipshit spreading fake news propaganda. He must be like a few others, and read a headline and believe it. Or see a photoshopped picture on instagram, and be naive enough to believe it. And then of course run and scream it to others. And of course lefties eat it up like it's dessert. DC sets the record straight in the following article. Apparently more than just Cusack ran with the made up news and lame images of kids sleeping in cages.

And the best part about the images that weren't shopped? They were from the Obama terms!


John Cusack at Border Control Protest: Trump a ‘Fascist’ and ‘They’re Putting Kids in F**king Cages’

Actor and leftist activist John Cusack took the microphone at a sit-in protest outside U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) headquarters in Washington, DC on Wednesday, attacking President Donald Trump and his administration over its border control policy.

Witnesses tweeted that John Cusack, who has a long history of association with leftist groups and opposition to President Trump, called the president a “fascist” over children of illegal aliens and asylum claimants being housed separately from them while they await adjudication.

Cusack later confirmed his attacks on Trump.

Children have always been kept separately from parents who are held facing criminal prosecution. More children are being separated from their parents as a result of the administration’s efforts to end “catch and release” policies.

“They’re putting kids in fucking cages,” Cusack later told Politico in an apparent reference to inaccurate reporting that suggested pictures of illegal aliens being kept in makeshift cells during the Obama administration were children separated from their families under Trump’s policies.

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MSNBC: No, migrant children are not kept in 'cages'

MSNBC visited a detention facility for migrant children in Texas and discovered that children are not kept in cages, further debunking a popular photo recently circulated on social media.

A number of high-profile liberals and even former Obama officials shared a photo of immigrant children sleeping in a caged area and tried to blame the conditions on President Trump. However, it was revealed that the photo was actually taken in 2014 during Obama’s presidency.

MSNBC went to an actual facility for migrant children and found that, while children are obviously still separated from the parents, the conditions are not as dismal as the ones liberals tried to pin on Trump.

“The Department of Health and Human Services let us inside because I think they wanted to show us, you know, relatively speaking, how good the conditions are, I guess you could say,” MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff explained. “I mean, there are licensed professionals in there who are taking care of the children, there are no cages, there are not fences that have been described at some of the border patrol stations.”

Soboroff also made clear that the conditions are still “prison-like” in the sense that the children have fairly strict schedules and are not allowed to leave the facility.

“The reality is these kids…are alone because they were ripped apart from their parents because of the zero-toleranc policy of the Trump administration,” he said.