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It becomes clear, now, why Comey wasn't really interested in hammering Hillary over her ignoring proper lawful email protocol.

Why would he open that can of worms when he, himself, was guilty of it? Comey was probably aware that 0bama was doing the same bullshit, too.

It reminds me of an incident up here a couple decades ago where a Judge had been busted for DUI, but it was quickly and quietly swept under the rug. There were rumors that coke was involved, too.

The very next week, she was handing out sentences to everyday citizens for their DUIs. The kicker was that nothing happened and she was allowed to simply retire quietly.

That kind of double standard really pisses me off. All of us are subject to our laws, there should not be a certain group above them.

A harsh example needs to be set, and the bigger the player, the better.
We just had an incident here with a government official. The county prosecutor had been caught taking sexual favors for lighter sentences for female defendants. He was removed from office and lost his law license, but no jail time. i feel he should have been thrown into prison with some of the people he put in prison.