OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 6:27 AM PT — Wed. July 4, 2018

Rebel fighters lay down their arms in Southern Syria as part of a settlement deal with Russian-backed government forces.
The Syrian army took control of Busra al-Sham this week, seizing the militants’ supply of heavy weapons.
This comes as a major victory for Syria as the war-torn country renews efforts to take back the Daraa province from rebel fighters.

The region is strategically located near the border with Jordan and Israel, and was the birthplace of the Syrian conflict back in 2011.
The government said it will provide security for any civilians willing to return home after more than a quarter-million people fled over the last month.

Wonder how much closer Assad needs to get to the Golan Heights before all the people ignoring the elephant in the room decide to take notice. Israeil is not going to give them back. They command the entire Bekka Valley.

Russia is backing Assad with military support and WE are Israel's ally.

Just sayin'