Rivera needs to read and understand the 1st, and how it DOES NOT apply to private businesses. I'm betting that a LOT of folks out there wish they could protest and what not while at work, without repercussion, but it simply doesn't work that way.


Are the Panthers the government?


Panthers Coach Rivera Says Reid Has 1st Amendment Right to Kneel

After new Carolina safety Eric Reid knelt during the national anthem last Sunday, Panthers coach Ron Rivera told reporters: “I’m not going to talk about a guy exercising his First Amendment rights.”

Rivera went with that same narrative when asked by Washington Redskins beat writers on a conference Wednesday about his new player kneeling. The Panthers travel to Maryland to play the Redskins on Sunday.

“The biggest reason it’s not an issue to me is I believe in the First Amendment,” Rivera said. “And that’s all he did was exercise his First Amendment. As far as I’m concerned, he’s an American citizen entitled to exercise his rights.”

But some legal scholars would argue with Rivera’s assertion that the First Amendment protects individuals protesting at work.

“The First Amendment doesn’t apply to private institutions,” Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of Berkeley Law and a constitutional law expert told the Washington Post. “Private employers can fire employees for their speech without having to worry about the First Amendment.”

It’s possible Rivera is just playing the First Amendment card to avoid talking at length about his newest player’s anthem kneeling. Remember, Rivera doesn’t have final say on player personnel moves in Carolina, that belongs to the GM and owner.

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