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I recently tried purchasing the full (premium) version of Malwarebytes, having just used their trial version, which I was pleased with. The payment I attempted never reached them (I've no idea why). So ... I have been considering alternatives, and Bitdefender seemed the ideal one.

If my second attempt to pay for the premium Malwarebytes also fails, I'm going to go with Bitdefender.

Kaspersky looks good, and sells, apparently, at a cut price. HOWEVER ... the British Government was given advice, a warning, not to install Kaspersky on any of their computers.

See this:


[No doubt some passing Russian contributor (Balu ?) will come on here to complain about supposed anti-Russian propaganda ... ?]

By the way, on VPN's .. I see no good reason to use them, not if anti-virus & anti-malware software is up to its promised spec. Except for one, that is. If you wanted to use a foreign media outlet's services, VPN's should be a good way of gaining access. For example - if (however improbably !) someone in the US wanted to open an access account to the BBC's 'iPlayer' video service, it locks out all attempts if they seemingly originate from beyond the UK. With a VPN set up to use a UK-based server ... 'iPlayer', so I've read, can be fooled into thinking that's where you're from. Therefore, you get access.
I have the Malware Bytes free version, and have CCleaner the free version also. Great stuff.

I'm really loving this Express VPN. I don't even know it's there, but I know that now ALL my internet activity is HIDDEN, not even my IP can see it.