So it was finally that time and Nikoh went in to get spayed yesterday. While she was at the vet from 8am - 6pm, they said everything went perfectly well. I also had them implant the chip in there at the same time to take advantage. Since I am in some doggy insurance "care plan" I signed up for (30 a month).... it was all covered. That plan made it so that EVERY shot Nikoh has needed thus far and all boosters were covered for free. All exams are free. Her spaying was free. Chip implant was free. There are very few things not covered. So it's well well worth it, IMO! I did have to pay something in advance, and all I know for sure is that the yearly total is $1,200 - for the best peace of mind I'll ever have.

So Nikoh came home completely "wasted" on medication last night and stared at the wall completely standing up for like 15 minutes. She wouldn't eat yet, but ate a little today. She stayed in her bed all night long and didn't eat it. As we speak, she is laying next to me in her bed, still lethargic.

I took off the vet "cone" last night and I had bought her a blowup thing that goes around her neck, MUCH more comfortable for them/her. It was great overnight. But then this morning, of course she had to pop it by getting a hole through the material and then the inner tubing. Like a dummy, I went and got her another today for $37 apiece. But I also got her another cone, just a much nicer and softer one from the pet story, unlike the bulky plastic things you get from the vet.

So she's on some kind of doggy pain killers for the next 7-10 days and I have to find a way to keep a HUSKY from being too active, and from being able to get to the wound too much and licking or biting at it. And also making sure she doesn't pop this new thing or eat the cones!!! She's a Houdini in escaping I'm told, like all Huskies. But no one warned me about the damage to their OWN stuff they do. Like 5 harnesses now, collars, a leash, 3 beds, a blanket - and about 30+ rolls of toilet paper from either bathroom you dare leave unlocked!!