Been counting down the days until December, also my little sister's birthday, for Season II of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to come out on Amazon Prime Originals, so yesterday I binge watched all ten episodes. Each episode kinda ends with a cliff hanger anyway so there doesn't seem to be any good place to quit watching and pick it up another day. You're left very much wanting to see what happens next. I will say this about that though, in my opinion, the story didn't really progress along as fast as Season I, so I thought there was parts of episodes that got a little boring and long in tooth, even though, you still get very wrapped up in the characters so it's not a big problem. The people in this show really do come to life, and at the end of episode 10... all I'll say for those who also enjoy this shows is, because I don't want to ruin it, I found the last 10 minutes of the show leaving me feeling let down with Midge, "Mrs. Maisel," as a character, however, it's still, overall, a very fun show. Now wait another year and a half for Season III I guess, if there is a Season III. They sure leave the door open for another one.

Watch the show... tell me if you agree.

(It's SOOOO nice to watch TV without any COMMERCIALS.)