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UPDATED 9:46 AM PT Sat. January 5, 2019

Moscow accuses the U.S. of detaining one of their citizens, following the arrest of a retired U.S. Marine by Russian authorities.
On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed the United States detained Dmitry Makarenko on December 29th on the northern Mariana Islands, and had him moved to Florida.Moscow said, he was arrested by the FBI after arriving to the Islands with his family.
The Russian Foreign Ministry also said, Moscow had not been able to reach Russian National in Florida, and Washington had yet to explain his detainment.
This comes after American Paul Whelan was arrested for espionage the day before, while visiting Moscow for a wedding ceremony.

Looks a lot to me like one of those "See how this works?" messages. You let our wedding guest go and we let your tourist go.

Who the f- goes to the Mariana Islands any-damned-way? They are US possessions, used as bases during WWII because they are within round trip of mainland Japan. Guam is a US territory and the Northern Marianas Islands are a Commonwealth of the US. They're all rocks in the water. I could think of better places to spend my vacation time