Any of yall have one? I just bought myself one this morning. I shopped around for quite awhile and decided to go with the Camp Chef SmokeProSG

Certainly not the most expensive pellet smoker out there, a guy could dump a lot of money into one of these very quickly., but this one should do just fine for me as I begin learning how to actually smoke.

Anyway I tell my wife about it and she says "well you know, if you're going to spend that much on a smoker, why don't we just go ahead and build a gazebo out by the pool?" Okay well a gazebo with some seating and screened in area to eat and such might not be so bad, but oh no, she wants a gazebo with a full outdoor kitchen as well as a fire pit, oh and maybe another bathroom. Damn woman we have like 28 building on our property and you want to add another?

MY $500 smoker is now going to cost me about $5K, but man is that homemade bacon gonna taste good.