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    Default Doris Day dies; legendary actress and singer was 97

    Doris Day dies; legendary actress and singer was 97
    MAY 13, 2019 | 6:00 PM

    Legendary actress and singer Doris Day has died at 97.
    Doris Day arrived in Hollywood in the late 1940s already a celebrity, a big-band singer on her way to becoming a movie star. She had early success in light musicals, but as they fell out of fashion she modernized herself in a way that probably confused mid-20th century America: With a bubbly screen presence and a blinding smile, Day was the rare movie heroine who held a great job while having the requisite romance.

    Women wanted to be her and men wanted to marry someone like her. The equation proved to be box office gold.

    Day died of pneumonia Monday at her Carmel Valley, Calif., home. She was 97.

    She had been “in excellent physical health for her age” until recently, the Doris Day Animal Foundation said in an emailed statement

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    I remember how much our mother liked the beautiful, talented actress.
    And how this actress avoided being involved in the thousands of scandals that Hollywood had during her many decades long career there.
    She was a true and great talent.. and it seems a very decent and kind person as well..-Tyr
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    Read about this late last night. I honestly was never a fan of hers, not because of any dislike in the slightest bit, but I believe I may be just a few years short of her work. But what I have seen was great, and she was a beautiful woman. May she RIP.
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