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    Default Prose, I now am going to write a bit....

    Going to post this one written six years ago and afterwards write a few new ones..--Tyr

    Below The Raging Storm

    Below the raging storm
    The loud winds crying out
    Earth braces for raging onslaught
    Trees await their broken limbs
    Mankind watches with usual fears,

    Amidst plunging-hard rains
    Life scatters to find good cover
    And ground soaks up eager raindrops,

    From this new danger's fruits
    Its deaths to later gift anew
    In flooded ponds, streams and rivers
    Miracles born from malignant skies
    That which mankind oft marvels at.

    For man's fears eat away his depths
    Gnaw into dying marrow and cracked bones
    Seeding night with darkest powers
    And chimera's that oft invade peace
    Alas, mortal flesh finds its wailing curse
    The self inflicted stabs from fear's daggers -

    Bringing shadows, vanity's cancerous mouths birth,
    Wading echoes driven by false expectations.

    Robert J. Lindley, 9-17- 2013
    Prose, ( Storms, Life, Death, Destruction And Rebirth
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