Gonna try to call them all something different, ceo or whatever - because they don't own slaves anymore.

So now, eventually, folks that work their lives to make a fortune, invest and own a major league sports team - will be wrong if recognized with that term?

Will this ultimately happen to owners of buildings, stores and everything else? How damn stupid and retarded, PC BS.


NBA teams considering dropping the term ‘owner’ is absurd

The term "owner" typically refers to the person who owns more than 50 percent of the franchise.

The NBA is considering banning the term “owner” – as in team owner – because some consider it racially insensitive, according to several media reports.

In 2019, we live in a world where people can’t distinguish team owners own the organization and not the players themselves. NBA owners own equity, not people.

The context of how the term “owner” is used matters. The term typically refers to the person who owns more than 50 percent of the franchise, otherwise known as the majority shareholder.

This is a prime example of turning a non-issue into an issue, especially as the NBA grapples with low television ratings throughout the playoffs.

How we got here:
TMZ reports several NBA teams have had high-level conversations about doing away with the term “owner.”

Most of the league’s players are black while most of the owners are white. A study published by Tidesport.org in June 2018 showed nearly 75 percent of the NBA’s players are black. The only black majority owner is Michael Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Hornets. The two other NBA owners of color are India-born Vivek Ranadive (Sacramento Kings) and Morocco-born Marc Lasry (Milwaukee Bucks).

In 2018, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green argued against teams using the term “owner” on LeBron James’ HBO show The Shop.

"You shouldn't say owner," said Green, who suggested teams use terms like CEO or majority shareholder, instead of owner.

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