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    Default Ramadan stuff for the left to ignore

    Shootings, death, gays getting killed, "phobias" as they call them - nothing to see from the left, just the unimportant things here.

    Appears Ramadan went out with a bang, if you will. And I guess the party is over now, and they can now go back to their normal every day killing and suicide bombings.

    Why doesn't the world ever address this stuff, and folks like the left purposely remain ignorant? Every where else this would be taken care of and many brought to justice. But islam? The world just let's them continue and ignore. We're too busy appeasing muslims and giving them whatever they want too.


    Ramadan 2019 Deadlier than 2018: Taliban Responsible for over 40% of Nearly 2,000 Casualties

    Predominantly Sunni jihadi groups carried out 187 terrorist attacks across nearly 30 countries on Ramadan this year, driving the number of fatalities up to 911 and injuries to 1,006 when compared to the casualties during the holiest month for Muslims in 2018, a Breitbart News database analysis shows.

    The number of deaths went up by about ten percent, from 841 last year to 911 in 2019. The overall number of casualties, including injuries, slightly increased by less than five percent from 1,855 (841 killed; 1,014 injured) to 1,917 (911 killed; 1,006 injured) in 2019.

    During the month of Ramadan in each of last three years — 2017 (1,639), 2018 (841), and 2019 (911) – jihadi organizations and other Islamists have killed 3,391 civilians and troops.

    Despite the ongoing peace negotiations with the United States, the Taliban remained the most prolific and bloodiest terrorist group this year, surpassing the brutality of the weakened Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL).

    Rest -
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    Mama mia...

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