I put this in Science and Health because it's basically a health issue, to me.

I bought my mattress and box spring probably 8 years or so ago now, and paid $1,400 for it. It's a tall, memory foam pillow top and was just heaven to sleep on when it was new. Now, not so much. It sags too much anymore as though the springs are shot, and makes me hurt damn near all over after a night on it, especially my back. So I ordered one of those 3" thick, gel infused, memory foam mattress toppers. The thing gets good reviews on Amazon and after a gift certificate being applied that I didn't even know I had, it was pretty cheap. It comes today. Can't wait to get it on the bed and let it expand and try it out tonight. I hope ta' hell it works, because if it doesn't, there's another major expense to look at because I'll need a new mattress.