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No I didn't remember it, but who cares if I called it an exam or if I called basic training boot camp .

and one of us is being a baby thats for sure.
It matters because it's evidence to your lies. I conducted an informal poll in my building. From Active duty LTCs to GS grades and even two NCOs, nobody has ever heard the term 'PT Exam' by anyone, ever used, even as a slip of the tongue. Further, nobody has specifically mentioned Boot Camp when talking about Basic. If a non-army person says "When did you go to Boot Camp?" We would reply with the details and probably not correct them. Except None of us would, when talking specifically about our history, default to Boot Camp.

It reminds me of this poster I found awhile back on an LSU forum. Fishy as fuck. Then whiny when called on it, and deflects and denies.