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    Default New Desk Lamp...

    I like to post this stuff because it's kind of a review, and a recommendation. I like to pass along info about an item that hopefully someone else might find useful.

    So in this case, it was my old, dated, VINTAGE desk lamp, the one that I'm sure just about every has/had, the brass base, the light bulb, the green shade, the little pull chain... know what I mean? Well, it was time for an upgrade, something that was higher and didn't take an incandescent light bulb. So I researched and read reviews and found this beauty, and I can honestly say this thing is awesome. It's high, it has different tints of light, it's brightness is adjustable, it has a night light, a timer, it swivels, it tilts, and it will even scratch your belly... ok... it won't scratch your belly but it's super cool, and I'd recommend it to anyone. It's really built sturdy and absolutely quality stuff. Need, or just want a new desk lamp... give this a look...

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