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    Default Ever use "Google Desktop" when it was out?

    What it was, was a little app that sat in your taskbar, and when clicked it would open your browser and ready to search - your computer and all of your hard drives, all local searching, nothing internet.

    It was pretty quick too. Give it a partial name of a file, or the name of a software that you forgot about and can't find, a music band, your emails - anything that could be searched on your computer - was indexed by this program and ready for quick searching results. I absolutely loved it! I would have programs saved and littered on different drives, drivers for all kinds of computers and devices that I have worked on for people, years and years of emails saved, a million mp3's and a million emails.

    All kinda at your fingertips and it was exactly as you would use Google search. The results would come back the same as it would on their page - only when you click on something does it open a file, program or location.

    Then, for whatever reason, Google stops supporting it, and stops putting it out altogether. No idea why. I've tried computer indexing and local searching programs over the years. Most were acceptable and gave similar results - but never as many things indexed, never as fast and simply not even as good as windows built in search capabilities.

    Until now, for me at least. I have version 10. Apparently version 1.0 came out in 2007!! It also helps when you gt the software 'cheaper' too!


    Lookeen Desktop Search

    I'll give my layman's dirtbag summary, then let their own description do so accurately!

    Really though, it mainly does just what Google did, but much much faster, IMO. Only downfall I can see thus far is that it apparently only supports Microsoft Outlook as far as indexing emails goes. They tell you that going in though, so don't expect it to cover your emails. But I use "Thunderbird Email" and it's own search right at the top is great and fast, so I don't mind. For me, it's more about searching files, music, pictures, folders....

    Anyway.... It's site shows a lot about the business edition side of the software, as I'm sure that's where the money is at, and what they're aiming for in license sales. But they also have a desktop search system which is what I am talking about. And the really stress Outlook, when I personally couldn't give a crap about it. I guess a lot of companies still use it as its great for groups.


    Lookeen Desktop Search finds Everything.

    Your time is too valuable to waste on inefficient and ineffective search – use Lookeen for fast and effective full-text file and email search. The multiple award-winning professional desktop search solution finds all important information for you in record time. Whether searching in Microsoft® Outlook®, PST archives, on Exchange servers, Public folders, on the desktop, in the network or in virtual desktop environments: Lookeen finds every email, every document and every photo immediately, no matter where it’s saved.

    Lookeen indexes all data on your hard drive, as well as external drives and network folders. Easily search through your personal folders for documents such as Word, Excel or PDF files, images, and much more. The results of your searches begin to show up as soon as you start typing. Search terms are highlighted in the results list, and you can easily see your documents in the preview window.

    Lookeen will also index your Outlook® data, including Outlook archives, public folders, tasks, notes, attachments, contacts, and journals.

    Desktop Search with Real-Time Indexing

    Lookeen automatically indexes local folders and network paths in real time, so that the integrated desktop search quickly provides reliable and up-to-date search results from your local and network data. Lookeen is the central desktop search tool for all data on your PC. Thanks to the real time indexing, moments after an email or a file in the system is altered, Lookeen is updated and they immediately become available to search.

    Your Data Stays with You
    Both the index as well as your files are stored locally on your computer - they are not sent to Lookeen or any other external server.
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    So it has permission to access all your files?

    But isn't that exactly what the search window in the lower right of your taskbar in Windows does?

    I use google, Outlook, Mediacom and yahoo email. Google for business, Outlook for personal, Mediacom for things like craigslist, and yahoo for pure junk.

    I'll have to check out this Thunderbird.
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