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    Default Iran Offers to Honor Nuclear Deal in Return for $15 Billion in Payments

    Never mind being honorable and honoring an agreement... instead, they laughed at Obama and took the money and ran in the night. Now they think they can try this crap with Trump. I don't think they're getting this from him.


    Iran Offers to Honor Nuclear Deal in Return for $15 Billion in Payments

    Iran said Wednesday it will honor the 2015 Obama-negotiated JCPOA nuclear agreement if it can sell its oil on the open market or get “$15 billion over four months.”

    Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi made the offer ahead of a looming deadline set by Iran to further reduce its commitments under the nuclear accord.

    The agreement — known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — has been in abeyance since the United States withdrew in May last year as part of a campaign promise kept by U.S. President Donald Trump.

    It was the product of protracted negotiations led by then-Secretary of State John Kerry and was widely viewed as the Obama administration’s signature foreign policy achievement. By the terms of the agreement, Iran would accept restrictions to and inspections of its nuclear program designed to prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon in exchange for the cessation of the western sanctions crippling their economy.

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    $15 billion for WHAT? Are these rags heads retarded or what?

    How about they give US $15 billion and they STILL honor the kenyan's deal?
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    Mama mia...

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