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    Default ‘It feels like I’m a slave again’

    When was he ever a slave?

    Poor wording by the owner, but saying "inmates run the prison" or "patients run the asylum" are phrases used since forever. I highly doubt he meant anything about slavery. And he SHOULD be able to run it like a prison, black or white, with the hundreds of millions he pays out yearly for them alone!

    DeAndre - up to now - has made a total of $56,700,000 for the Texans. Just yesterday he signed a new contract for 5 more years for another $81 million dollars. $137 million dollars and he complains over lame words, and twisting them.

    Regardless, he SHOULD be busting his ass and beyond for them, and take commands as if in the military!


    DeAndre Hopkins almost skipped game over Bob McNair's 'inmate' comment: 'Feels like I'm a slave'

    DeAndre Hopkins skipped practice over late Houston Texans owner Bob McNair’s 2017 comment likening NFL players to inmates.

    In a GQ interview published on Tuesday, the Texans wide receiver admitted that he almost skipped a game.

    McNair, who died in November at 81, reportedly made the comment during a 2017 owners meeting while discussing how to approach the issue of players kneeling during the national anthem to protest issues of social injustice and police brutality.

    “We can't have the inmates running the prison,” McNair — a campaign contributor to President Donald Trump — said at the meeting, according to ESPN.

    Hopkins: ‘Hell yeah, I was about to sit’

    Hopkins, a Colin Kaepernick supporter who has knelt in protest, expounded on his response to McNair’s comments in the GQ interview.

    “Hell yeah, I was about to sit out the game,” Hopkins said. “But I definitely wasn’t going to practice. A couple of my teammates about to follow me, but they called them back up to the stadium. They tried calling me, but I wasn't going back. Hell no.”
    The game in question was a matchup against the Seattle Seahawks that saw Hopkins and several of his teammates take a knee after he eventually decided to suit up. Hopkins told GQ that he ultimately played in order to not let his teammates down.

    Hopkins: ‘It feels like I’m a slave again’

    The seventh-year pro who grew up in South Carolina explained how McNair’s comments felt to a man who’s a descendant of slaves with family members who relayed stories about living in the Jim Crow South.

    “It's hard for people to understand what that means, when your family was slaves,” Hopkins said. “You can't relate to something like that if your great-uncle's not telling you stories about their parents or their grandparents and what they went through. Not even too long ago, people couldn't even drink out of the same water faucet.”
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    Absolutely positively no organization in the history of our planet has put more wealth in the hands of black people than the NFL. None, EVER. Not just the players who play in the NFL and have been and continue to make millions playing a game, but think of all the black people who have earned college degrees because of college football and thus are making more money than they otherwise would have had it not been for the NFL. And we're not even talking about just players who play college football. We're not even just talking about athletes, hell we're not even talking about just men. EVERY college sport save men's basketball only exists because of the money the men's college football brings into these colleges, without the NFL money there would be not be scholarship money for thousands of students both athletes and non athletes who would most likely not be able to attend college without those scholarships.

    This is the ultimate example of biting the hand that feeds you and further illustrates how stupid liberals are.

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    A slave again?

    When was he first a slave?

    Bunch of bullshit and made a fool of himself.
    I have lost my mind. If found, please give it a snack and return it?

    "I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same of others"...John Wayne in "The Shootist"

    A Deplorable!

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