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UPDATED 7:00 PM PT — Friday, December 6, 2019

The U.S. is imposing sanctions against Iraq over its treatment of anti-government protesters. On Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the sanctions on the leaders of three Iran backed militias.
The group has been accused of playing a role in the killings of dozens of Iraqis, who are protesting economic conditions and foreign meddling in their nation.
Secretary Pompeo

Today, we're taking action to honor the pledge to use our legal authorities to sanction corrupt Iraqis who are stealing the country's public wealth and targeting peaceful protesters. Political leaders and government officials must put #Iraq first.


11:18 AM - Dec 6, 2019
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“The Iraqi people…are calling for genuine reform, accountability and for trustworthy leaders who will put Iraq’s national interests first,” stated Pompeo. “Those demands deserve to be addressed without resorting to violence or suppression.”
The Trump administration is cracking down on Iraqi officials in an effort to stop the deadly violence, which started at the beginning of October.
“According to the UN, over 400 Iraqis have been killed, who are protesting for better governance and a brighter future,” stated Assistant Secretary David Schenker. “If you are perpetrating violence against protesters, regardless of whether you’re in or outside of the government, you are at risk of being designated.”

These are the latest sanctions by the U.S., which target Iraqi individuals or groups with ties to Iran, as Washington maintains its maximum pressure campaign against Tehran.
Meanwhile, residents in one Iraqi town held a mile long march to commemorate those lost in the demonstrations. The latest reports said 15 people were killed and 60 injured in Baghdad on Friday.

Iraqis in Nassiriya carry mock coffins and march to commemorate the deaths of protesters since anti-government demonstrations began on Oct. 1. At least 46 people were killed in Nassiriya when security forces opened fire at demonstrators on Nov. 28


4:25 PM - Dec 6, 2019
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I'm starting to wonder which is easier to answer: Who do we have sanctions on? vs Who DON'T we have sanctions on?

Our government is doing nothing while the Dems abuse/misuse their position to keep our President under siege so he can't do his job yet we're telling the World how to act