I saw a comment by our illustrious Grand Poobah @jimnyc in the Rules section that IMO is worthy of debate. In theory, I agree with Jimbob that we shouldn't need rules. Especially as it pertains to this board. Minus a onesy-twoy, we are for the most part over 40 years of age.

The US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. And you have it. As long as you never leave the house. The second you do leave the house, there's a rule for everything you do. The rules are not there for the majority that generally agree by silent consent what is and is not accepted behavior within that group.

Those of us that don't need rules don't really have any. I think reading Jim's post today was the first time I've looked at the rules since I didn't read and and agreed to them in the beginning. We learned manners on my house.

The rules are for those that just don't get it. Or don't want to. Or think they don't apply to them. Or are just generally, ill-mannered asses.