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    Default Kirk Douglas, last of Hollywood's great matinee idols, dead at 103

    Yahoo Movies
    Kirk Douglas, last of Hollywood's great matinee idols, dead at 103
    Joal RyanContributor
    Yahoo MoviesFebruary 5, 2020, 6:10 PM CST
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    Kirk Douglas, the ferocious, cleft-chinned leading man and one of the last of Hollywood’s Golden Age matinee idols, died Wednesday, his son, actor Michael Douglas announced. The Spartacus star was 103.

    The elder Douglas was a three-time Best Actor Oscar nominee and the headliner of more than 80 films. Key credits include Paths of Glory, the Stanley Kubrick war drama; Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the classic Western that paired him with favorite co-star Burt Lancaster; Lust for Life, the Vincent Van Gogh biopic; The Bad and the Beautiful, the definitive Hollywood melodrama; and the Billy Wilder media-circus exposé, Ace in the Hole.

    But he is probably best known for Spartacus, the 1960 Roman slave epic that was also directed by Kubrick.
    My favorite actor, since I was very young. He was of the old guard, a man's man.
    Headliner in more than 80 films!! Not many can match that run......
    A century and three, is not a bad run--- I'd sign up for it right now if I could..--TYR
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    I liked Kirk Douglas as an actor. His roles were usually over the top whether he was the babyface or the heel.
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