I would say the same about any republican president and the same when Trump is out of office.

A president in our country gets 2 terms. Most presidents tend to keep to themselves once out of office. But this is far from that, not only not keeping to himself - but speaking to the nation and going against the WH. To me, that's almost like using his presidential powers. Now I know he has little authority, but as former president, he DOES have the authority of speaking to those mainly on the left, of who will listen to him before the WH. Ok, whatever. But where does he get off doing this? His terms are over, go away now. He shouldn't be able to address in any way the masses and tell them what to do, advise them or give them such an opinion that sounds like an order of sorts.


Obama Tells Americans to Stay Home For the Foreseeable Future After President Trump Says He Wants to Reopen the Country by Easter

Remember those daily press briefings Barack Obama gave in 2009 warning Americans to stay home during the swine flu pandemic?

Neither do we.

Over 60 million Americans got swine flu (h1n1) and over 12,000 Americans died yet there was no media hysteria.

Barack Obama popped off again on Wednesday and called on Americans to stay home for the foreseeable future and maintain social distancing.

Obama once again injected himself into the national conversation in what appears to be a rebuke to President Trump’s remarks during a Fox News town hall.

“I would love to have [the country] open by Easter,” Trump said on Tuesday. “It’s such an important day for other reasons.”

President Trump has also tweeted that the cure cannot be worse that the problem, suggesting he is gearing up to put Americans back to work soon.

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