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    Quote Originally Posted by icansayit View Post
    She's not smart enough to take down her pants, and would rather SOIL herself to keep her Speakership from being spread any further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunny View Post
    So when's the pool party?

    I'm picky about beaches. FL, Bahamas (Bimini), Bali, Thailand, S Padre Island ... my kind of beaches. NE US, CA, Turkey ... ain't getting in the water. The ones in Okinawa were okay but quite segregated. The ones us round-eyed folk were allowed to go were then segregated by rank, and in one instance, service.

    The Air Force hates Marines and we weren't allowed to eat in their chow halls nor go to their beaches. Had to have an Air Force club card and you had to be stationed on Kadena to get an Air Force club card.

    Virginia Beach was nice, but packed like a sardine can. Water's still too cold on a hot summer day in CA. We'd go to Lake Havasu or the Colorado River.

    Here, you have to go to S Padre. Padre Island itself and north the water is still jacked up from years of oil spills. Or, the Comal or Frio rivers. Medina Lake was nice until it got taken over and trashed by the Hispandex.

    Can you tell if there's a reasonably clean wet spot I'll get in it?

    Just not now ...

    If they reopen tubing on the Comal, they're asking for it but it is a BIG money-maker here. "Tubing on the River". Was nice back in the day. Now, it's over-regulated, and you can walk across the Comal on the tubes and not get your feet wet. I haven't gone in years. That's more of a college crowd, and the towns the river runs through have over-regulated it because of the behavior of the aforementioned brats who like to throw beer cans and other rubbish in the river and the yards where people live (duh ) along it. No more tubing and drinking.

    The quarantine, even loosened up to just masks and social distancing will kill this city. It was a military town that got transformed into a tourist trap. So far they have shut down Fiesta and Cinco de Mayo. Seaworld and Six Flags and the River Walk. That ought to turn us back into a small city

    Personally I respect the Coast Guard more than the Air Farce.

    As for beaches, my wife and I bought a house in Baja Mexico several years ago. Prettiest beach you ever saw, will ruin you for every other beach. And it's a relatively safe part of Mexico. Problem is, the only electricity we have down there is ran off a diesel generator which can get real expensive real quick, so there is no a/c system, which means there is about one month out of the year where it is both nice out enough to use the beautiful beach and not so fucking hot that you have a heat stroke.

    Some of my wife's relatives own a house just down the road from there, they live there year round , I don't know how they do it.

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