If you're arguing with someone and you see that they have a gun - just leave, it ain't worth your life, no matter the subject or reason.

Even if you are "armed" with mace... and the other person says "fuck around and find out" - do NOT "fuck around and find out" - just leave, it ain't worth your life, no matter the subject or reason.

The shooter did NOT "save her life" as the reporter claimed.

I don't know about cold blooded murder though. It's awfully close and not sure what a jury would decide. He certainly didn't shoot him because he got hit with mace and was incapacitated, as he pulled the trigger before the mace ever touched him. But he didn't pull the trigger until the mace was in the air.


More Evidence the Homicide of Lee Keltner in Denver Was Organized and Local Media Operatives Were Involved

On Saturday it was reported that a local Denver news producer and the news agency’s ‘bodyguard’ were taken into custody for the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter during dueling rallies that afternoon.

Today we have more information that this may have been a coordinated attack.

The story started with former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John “Tig” Tiegen, one of the men who helped defend the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in 2012, and a group of America loving gentlemen. Tiegen and others organized a “Patriot Muster” — a gathering of conservative activists in the city of Denver.

In response to the ‘Patriot Muster’ the local gang of BLM-Antifa members gathered at the same time with a counter-protest. They reportedly had a canned food drive going on but some individuals at the event said the canned food was used to throw at the police.

After the event, the Antifa linked individuals began harassing members of the Patriot Muster. This is when the murder took place.

All initial reports indicated that the murder of a Trump supporter in Denver on Saturday was a conflict between Antifa and conservatives, but the Denver Police later issued a statement saying that the shooter did not have any ties to the militant leftists.

However, we provided ample evidence that the shooter, Mathew Dolloff, has a long history of connections with radical far-left movements like Occupy Denver and Antifa. We also reported that Dolloff has no history of being a registered security guard in Denver and if he was, he broke the law by carrying his gun if he didn’t have the proper licensing.

We reported on the actual event and altercation between the shooter, Dolloff, and the Trump supporter, Lee Keltner, who died.

The shooter, Dolloff, pulled his gun and fired at Keltner and evidence shows the mace from Keltner had not reached Dolloff before he fired at Keltner.

This was cold blooded murder!

But this entire event appears to have been coordinated and local media operatives were involved.

The Denver Post where photographer Helen Richardson works, released a report on October 11, 2020, on the homicide of Lee Keltner in downtown Denver the day after the shooting in which Richardson reportedly assisted in reporting. In the Post’s piece they claim the following:

9News reported that one of their employees and a contractor for the television station were taken into custody. It later confirmed the guard was contracted through Pinkerton and “that it has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to hire private security to accompany staff at protests.”

Police initially said two people were taken into custody but later said one of them was not involved in the incident. They tweeted that the suspect was a private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa.

The incident occurred after a man participating in what was billed a “Patriot Rally” sprayed mace at another man. That man then shot the other individual with a handgun near the courtyard outside the Denver Art Museum, according to a Denver Post journalist who witnessed the incident.
The article, assisted in writing by Richardson went on to claim the America loving group were ‘right-wing protesters’:

The right-wing protesters — led by John Tiegen, an El Paso County resident — gathered in the park’s amphitheater and occasionally chanted patriotic songs and held up banners.
But the members of the other ‘group’ were pushing a ‘soup drive’:

The left-wing group — which organizers called “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” — held up flags and signs railing against Nazis and white supremacists as they gathered in the middle of the park, several hundred feet from the barricaded-off amphitheater.
The Post never reported on the guy in a Black Guns Matter shirt who was stirring up trouble after the event with the Trump supporters. He started screaming and trying to get others into a fight:

The man’s name is Jeremiah Elliott. He’s one of the leaders of the Denver area Antifa-Black Lives Matter (BLM) insurgents. This is the guy that was starting all of the fights. As you can see, the Denver Post photographer we first mentioned on Sunday, Helen Richardson, is nearly always right next to him capturing the action. As we reported, Elliott was involved in multiple previous assaults and was arrested several times by the Denver PD.

On June 23, 2020, Elliott was leading a takeover of the Denver City Counsel meeting demanding to defund the police. Elliott was arrested on July 3, 2020, at a Denver Antifa-BLM event. Elliott instigated a fight with Lee Keltner who then stepped away and was attacked and shot dead by Mathew Dolloff.

Below is a video clip attributed to Helen Richardson where she is heard saying after the shooting:

I’m just trying to find out where they’re taking may guy.”

Here’s a video supplied by Michelle Malkin who has done a superior job looking into this event on Twitter:

A video from papasfritasUSA on Twitter shows the release of video from the producer at 9 News who was on the scene when Lee Keltner was shot dead and later taken into custody. Note the video stops during the shooting and therefore any evidence of what occurred at that time is erased.

After a reported 12 seconds of not recording, the 9 News producer, Newman, then begins recording again as the police arrive at the scene. The Producer is heard saying the shooter is ‘my security guard’ and they he fired ‘after the guy shot mace at him’.

The Producer then shares that “That guy just saved my ****ing life, you know that?” to the police referring to his “security guard”.

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