We spent New Years Eve in Miami and New Years Day in Havana. We saw a rendition of the Nutcracker (CascaNueces) at the Gran Teatro de La Habana that evening. When they went to stand for the Cuban National Anthem, my wife said audibly and in Spanish "We don't stand for Communism". A noticeable number of people stared at us. I told my wife, "Prepare to be arrested". She didn't care. My reply was "At least we will have a story to tell. The worst that they will do is deport us". It turns out that we did not get arrested. Apparently, they are more interested in our spending US Dollars than dealing with an annoyance. The RESTORED classic vehicles should be a tipoff that this is a venue for the "rich".

We rode in from the airport to the city center (25 km) in a restored 1959 Impala convertible for a fare of USD 50.