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    Default Most foreign tourists in Cuba are incredibly dense

    At one bed and breakfast, I met a group a Germans. They were commenting on how impressed they were how well organized Communism can be. I asked them how they decided what to see. They replied that the tour operator took care of that. I asked who their tour operator was. They said it as Gaivota. I explained the them that Gaivota was owned by the Cuban military. I even showed them as an American, it was on the US State Department list of prohibited entities for me. They replied "That's an American thing." I proceeded to tell them MY activities for the day. I hired for the day the exclusive use of a horse and wagon like the one you see below (under USD 10). It so cheap because it's what locals use for transportation. Tourists rarely use them. I started by asking the driver about his lifestyle. I asked him to introduce me to friends and family so I could learn about them. The upshot is that they live in deep poverty and in constant fear. I asked if I could get a look at a hospital that ordinary Cubans use. He said that the thing to do is to walk inside, look dumb and act lost. It worked. The place was a dump. I was indeed stopped on my way out (about a full hour later) and given directions to a "tourist clinic".

    I met this couple from Texas, they only cared about what seemed to go "worship" and take a tour of the Che Guevara shrine and other memorials to the revolution. The woman seemed annoyed when I mentioned how much effort it takes to wrap one's mind around how hard of a life the typical person you meet on the street has. How can people be so oblivious to what's RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE ?!?!?!?!?

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