So when we upgrade and/or transfer to a new platform, the design you get is default along with default settings and it's like starting over again. The good news is that we'll be starting over again with all of our posts still here.

All that's going to change is appearances and how you post and interact with the board. Past history tells me that folks do not like this change. And history tells me folks certainly don't like to be hit with change suddenly overnight.

So I'll make sure everyone is on board BEFORE we proceed with any actions.

I can fairly easily get the design done again with the same images or newly created but yet the same. I can also make it so that the interaction isn't drastic and folks should easily get around. And of course, questions and changes will then be fixed as we go along to suit the community.


So, first thing, and now until upgrade day is time to speak up....

I plan or had planned on reaching out to some contacts about getting a theme designed for the new site. My plan was to go with the same idea, honoring our military and veterans - but maybe add in politics up top somehow too. The political discussion and/or debates doesn't really jump out at you as a visitor. I was thinking across the entire top to be a political debate stage of sorts, but something that will ring out "debate" and politics much more so.

And then perhaps underneath the navigation bar, in a manner where the imagery goes entirely across and maybe around the edges and downward a tad, giving way to general colors.

The rest would be many button images and status icons that make up the board and back end.

So - preference or an idea for a theme? Across the top and rest of site? My ears are open to all!