For any other tech geeks - you may recall a program from a long time back, by the evil - called "Google Desktop".

What it was - was just like going to google's own website and doing a quick search. The difference was that it did a search of your own computer, all drives. Yeah, it was google, but it was a damn good app and so damn easy to find your photos, videos, videos or whatever.

They did away with that 10-15 years back.

And take google and your concerns of privacy and more completely out of the equation, and you're left with:


I even remember the beginning of 'desktop', and it had to spend a deal of time spanning and indexing all of your files for use. This one you install and it's ready to rock from the second you open it. Find anything you want whether you do so with a plain name or word, and of course also with wild cards added for better searches.

For an example, here I just typed in "diana" for my wife, and it came back like this instantly:

Alternatively, here's a wildcard search. For some of my music I just typed in "*.mp3" and it gave me this one.

If anyone is interested and a geek like myself and likes tools and utilities on your computer:

Here is the main page - and then you'll see the downloads tab if you like it.