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    Default American Military routed into Europe /G7 countries

    Is this part of the answer to the puzzle of why the US has apparently got hustled out of Afghanistan in shame and disarray ?

    Benjamin Fulford ( the author ) is an interesting guy with an amazing background . Too rich and replete with outlandish narratives for Normies and Compliance Gullibles . But , as ever , he speculates in a most entertaining way and often has been 'spot on' in the past .
    See BF at
    Weekly GeoPolitical News and Analysis .com


    The degeneration of the United States under the fake Biden regime has reached the point where many staunch allies are abandoning it. The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan is turning out to be just one domino of many that will soon fall, multiple sources agree.

    The next dominoes are predicted to be Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine. However, the elephant in the living room remains Israel, Iran, and their Swiss-based sponsors ( Soros/Rothscild etc ) . The Palestinians understand this, which is why they have announced they will no longer deal with the fake Biden regime.

    When Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with the Rockefeller proxy Joe Biden on August 21st he repeated the mantra that “Iran is the world’s number one exporter of terror, instability and human rights violations.” However, a critical mass in the world’s military and intelligence community knows that Israel and Iran work for the same people. So the real question is when is this Swiss-based nexus of world terror finally going to be dealt with.
    When they fall, then puppet leaders like Biden, Justin Castro of Canada ( Trudeau to you , though BF has argued for years that he is a Manchurian Candidate and son of Fidel ), Emmanuelle Macron of France, and Scott Morrison of Australia, etc. will also be removed.

    Already we are seeing signs that Germany, Japan, and other supposed allies of the U.S. regime are breaking ranks. The immediate trigger for this is a growing realization that the fake pandemic is a massive war crime.
    In Germany, a legal team has been running an exercise for a new government structure with a priority to stop all Covid-19 injections because they are unsafe.
    German allies like Denmark are planning to end all Covid-related measures by October.

    In Japan, Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao held a press conference on Japanese TV where he came out against vaccines and says he’s used #ivermectin as an early treatment for over 500 covid patients with a practically 100% success rate. Nagao has asked for nationwide use.

    Tokyo’s Medical Association chairman also went public noting how countries that distribute ivermectin to the public have far lower rates of Covid and mortality from illness.

    Around the same time, Moderna got busted for contamination with “foreign substances” that appear to be magnetic and the Japanese government started recalling 1.63 million doses of the mRNA jab. .

    Told you it was entertaining . At minimum .

    No worse than MSM but lots more fun .Good track record . Reports out of Japan and has extensive contacts within the several Dragon factions .
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