Ok, I really shouldn't imply that the NFL as a whole or even that others are doing this - but that's what I read through the rumorville.

But one thus far has in fact been implicated.

Antonio Brown had a live in chef at his home. He went through this person, who had a connection, and for $500 would get Brown a fake vaccine card. Thus far that is all it is, tweets and private messages and texts about getting this for him.

His lawyer and the team claim he has been vaccinated. Did he try to get a fake and then ultimately got the shot? Is he currently vaccinated or not?

If just looking into getting one, I don't think it's that big of a deal. But if he did get one and they can prove it, whether currently using it or not, he'll get a suspension, deservedly so.

He's gotten himself into nothing but trouble after trouble after trouble since the Steelers and him parted ways, and this is showing they made the right call in the end, or he did for them.


Leaked Text Messages Allege Bucs’ Antonio Brown Obtained Fake Vaccine Card To Avoid NFL Protocols

According to his former live-in chef, Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown acquired a forged COVID-19 vaccination card in order to circumvent NFL rules and regulations.

A text message from Brown’s girlfriend, model Cydney Moreau, to Los Angeles chef Steven Ruiz on July 2 said Brown was prepared to pay $500 if the chef could obtain a Johnson & Johnson vaccination card for her boyfriend.

“Can you get the COVID cards?” Moreau texted Ruiz on July 2, according to a screenshot Moreau provided to the Tampa Bay Times.

“I can try,” Ruiz replied.

Moreau continued, “JNJ shot. Ab said he would give you $500″.

In the text discussion between Moreau and Ruiz, Brown is not specifically mentioned by name. A.B. is a nickname given to the wide receiver by his friends, coaches, and teammates.

It was alleged by Ruiz that Brown desired the Johnson & Johnson vaccination card since it is the only vaccine that is comprised of a single shot and would require less documentation.

Allegedly, the relationship between Brown and Ruiz turned sour over an unpaid debt Ruiz, the owner of Taste ThatLA, claims that he is owed $10,000. Ruiz felt he was forced to publicly voice his aggressions towards Brown after his talks with Brown’s lawyer went nowhere.

Ruiz told Brown he was unable to obtain a false vaccination card for Brown in July. Brown allegedly told individuals around him that he was concerned about the vaccine’s possible harmful effects on his body at the time. Weeks later, Ruiz claimed Brown showed him his fake vaccinations cards that Brown purchased for himself and girlfriend. Ruiz says that interaction happened in Brown’s dining room a few days before the Bucs training camp was to begin.

While a personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, was at the Brown residence helping Brown recover from his knee surgery, Guerrero took a photo of Brown’s vaccination card.

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