So the Steelers had a LONG shot of getting into the playoffs yesterday, the last weekend of football.

Unfortunately, they needed Indianapolis to lose, And unfortunately, they were playing the Jaguars, the worst team in the NFL.

Somehow, they pulled out a winner!

So all that was left was last night's game between the Raiders and the Chargers. So long as either one of them simply WIN the game and the Steelers were going into the playoffs. I tuned in via Yahoo sports ticker which is just basically text on the screen. Of course the game just went into OT. Then they share some dang field goals and the game was about over, and both of those teams would go to the playoffs with a tie.

But that rabbit reappeared again magically with :02 left and a FG to send the Raiders to the playoffs - and the Steeler!

I haven't watched anything and still doing the from afar thing. I'll go back eventually.

And this is Big Ben's last season. Do they have a miracle in the making, and maybe somehow win the next 4 games?

Don't think so!!

They start off the playoffs as a 12.5 underdogs against Kansas City Chiefs. The Steelers finished the season at 9-7-1 as they extended games to 17 this year.

** But worthy of noting - the last time the Steelers made it to the playoffs as a wildcard team, they went on to win it all that year.