And that's saying a lot considering so many other bad weeks already.

Has this been the worse 1st year of a presidency?


Biden Ends First Year In Office With His Worst Week Yet

President Joe Biden’s first year in office is coming to a close with his worst week yet — the Supreme Court has struck down his vaccine-or-test mandate, his agenda is dead in the water in Congress and his approval rating has plummeted lower and lower.

As the one-year mark for the Biden presidency approaches, a Quinnipiac poll put Biden’s approval rating at just 33% on Wednesday, the lowest of his tenure so far. Biden entered office with a solid 54% approval rating, but he has consistently slipped in the polls since spring of 2021.

While the White House was counting on passing Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) and elections agenda to turn the situation around, Democratic Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia — along with 50 Republicans — have made that impossible. Both senators announced their opposition to abolishing the filibuster Thursday afternoon, even as Biden was on Capitol Hill advocating for its removal. The rule imposes a 60-vote threshold to pass most legislation and makes it virtually impossible for Democrats to push through the BBB or Biden’s effort to federalize America’s election laws.

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