Anyone watch professional baseball, whether now or growing up?

Keep aware of statistics and the better hitters and the better pitchers?

Kershaw is a starting pitcher for my favorite LA Dodgers and has been a rare gem for the team and will easily enter the HOF some day. This being his 14th year running and he's a master. A lefty pitcher that dominates a game and always gets tons of K's (strikeouts).

Today they played the Minnesota Twins and won the game by a score of 7-0. But that wasn't the story. Kershaw played an awesome game. But that wasn't the story either.

His lines for the game:

What a game for him! Gave up zero hits, zero runs, zero earned runs, zero walks and he struck out 13 batters.

But note the part I ever so stupidly circled in red. He was in the midst of pitching one of the best games of his career and they yanked him from the game for 2 fresh pitchers to finish.

C'mon now, when someone is in the middle of a perfect game, you don't yank them! A perfect game is not only 9 innings of no hit baseball but also zero walks. Shame they didn't give him a chance at 6 more outs.

And as far as "pitch counts" - most teams won't start pulling pitchers until around the 120 pitch mark - not 80.

ONLY 23 perfect games in history. The Dodgers were already up by 7 innings. It's a dream come true.

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