Tuesday is my day. The City of San Antonio says so. It coincides with the last number on our house. On Tuesday, from 7-11AM and 7-11PM The City of San Antonio allows me to exercise my privilege of hand watering my lawn. In my gratefulness, I agree to pay them for the water they take out of the ground.

I'm sure 99% said "Forget THAT" the second they saw "hand water".

Let's see .... Sea World has water. Fiesta Texas (6 Flags) has water. The Riverwalk has water. Breckenridge Park and Olmos Heights (old money) are as green as a three-canopy jungle.

They keep inviting carpetbaggers right on while that natural aquifer we use gets smaller as they build over it.

I'm that 1% that's watering my damned lawn. For 3 hours. With a hose.

Put some 70s rock or country on the earbuds and stand out in the yard. You betcha. Grass dies and we get rain, your yard washes right out into the street. It's fun