where to put this, for one thing. We don't have a "STOOPID" subforum. Since it made me roll my eyes and laugh (at them), I figured humor would do

First off, the disclaimer. We already know why that swimmer Thomas and that fat slob are competing as women. They can't hang with the men. BUT, there are some questions ....

So you're a guy that decides you want to be a chick for whatever reason (who really cares?). So if you're a girl, you're supposed to be attractive to men, right?

I put way too much thought into this

So you get yourself one of those girl glamor magazines with all those (too skinny) "hot" models and you're standing in front of the mirror, looking at the magazine, then in the mirror.

WHERE in that magazine do you see your manly looking ass? Is it possible to be THAT delusional (no Biden jokes)? Ain't no lipstick and a wig fixing your manly looking ass