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Thread: B52s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Diamond View Post
    My wife works with someone whose husband is a drone pilot at Nellis. He says no one knows just how close we are to war.
    Now in line with the conversations we've had on this board about secrets, i am not sure how good it is he told her that.
    @Gunny. @icansayit
    I've tried not think about how close we are to war with Russia... or China.
    Technically we are at war with Russia NOW.
    It's just proxy war using the Ukrainians as pawns/cannon fodder.

    We (U.S & NATO) supply everything but troops to the war.... so far.
    Except that we did blow up the Russian pipeline.... at least that's all the direct U.S. military action that we can say with any certainty far.
    IF we're being honest & realistic that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoccoR View Post
    RE: B-52 Operations
    ⁜→SassyLady, et al,

    Of the 700+ B-52s built, only about 10% survive to this day.


    In the old days, 1 Bird in each strike package was dedicated ECM and Bombays full of decoys. But today, I do not think there is a default package configuration. There is a lot of AEW&C with the heavy lifting being done by the interlocking multinational systems.


    Some missions are not about early waring at all, but to determine if opponents can can be information saturated. Instead of denying hostile collection systems information - we give them more information spreading certain types of signals (unreal formats) that make the sky look like it is filled with aircraft even though there is nothing in the air at all (not even decoys). In the middle of all that a real B-52 appears out of nowhere (like magic), right on the outside edge of the PRC Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). Do enough of these type of operations and any offensive maneuvering by the opposing force begins to show their limitation. Related programs like the old Black Glass and the old Plate Glass, as well as Aurora, being to hide make it appear that a lot of missions are being flown, when actually there are fewer.

    Most Respectfully,
    Logical and effective tactic. We were required to pay strict attention to (attempts at) deception, even at the lowest level. Our EW operators spent countless hours trying to trip us up in the field.

    In regard to the OP, the question appears to be based more on personal observation, as was my original response. I live within a few miles of a major cargo hub and repair base, and a bit further from a fighter training base. One can't help but physically observe increase/decrease in traffic.

    Deceiving the enemy's surveillance either does not account for, or disregards as a negligible necessity, Farmer Brown watching take off's and landings over his corn field. Who finally blew the whistle on the Chinese surveillance balloon? Some civilian staring at the sky.
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