finding myself
in a chaotic world
not knowing
where ill end up
what do i belief
what do i see
so complicated
so many things
are overrated
go along to
get along
so easy to
be silent
when evil
fills the air
like zombies
i ask am i
the one
whos sick
or are they
I have to pause
i dont want a cause
i struggle
yes its true
i am their scapegoat
in so many ways
it doesnt pay
to be sweet
or nice
they steal
my life
if i
the wrong thing
i wanna be nice
but at
what price
i am lost
in a forrest
in flames
at least
I have my love
to tame
this tiger
these emotions
like a volcano
i wanna feel
whats right
is that
true anymore
whats real
in a world
thats fake?
can i just wake
not woke
left and right
extremes on a page
dont wanna feel rage
spread kindness instead
feel lost
just trying to find